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DOJ to Judge: Split up Microsoft

MSNBC: U.S. seeks to split Microsoft in two. "The proposal, submitted to U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson Friday, calls for Microsoft to be divided in two, with one company to house the Windows operating system, and the other to include everything else in the Microsoft universe."

Dan Gillmor: "An operating system should be modular enough to allow competition for things like displaying Web pages."

ZDNet: "Forget the DOJ breakup. If you want to figure out how Microsoft will morph over the next few years, the elusive NGWS is the real key."

Other reports: News.Com. Seattle Times, Reuters, PC Week.

US DOJ: Plaintiff's Proposed Final Judgment.

AP Hates the Internet?

Just doing my part for free speech on the Internet.

To AP with all due respect, why not offer a deal to the artists who created this? Grant them a license to use the images, and sell t-shirts, coffee mugs and mousepads with the images on them. Make friends with users of the Internet? It couldn't hurt.

AP: South Park Parodies Reno on Raid. Murphy!

You can help the Internet by downloading this zip file and putting it on a static server.

NY Times: "Xerox and Microsoft will collaborate with ContentGuard to develop digital rights management technologies, which provide for the distribution of digital content while protecting against unauthorized copying." I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

IBM first to ship SOAP 1.1 implmentation

IBM released a Java implementation of SOAP 1.1. Wow that was fast!

ZDNet: Microsoft cleaning up with SOAP. "It's obscure, but the Simple Object Access Protocol is at the heart of Microsoft's future plans."

The Java Lobby discovers SOAP.

Homero Leal: "I think that Sun should embrace SOAP as a way to offer the externalization of web services for EJB servers. RMI and IIOP are pain in the firewall."

Kal Ath: "If you are worried about SOAP then you really are an idiot!"

This is why I like the Internet. Read all the press reports, and you never get the truth. Open up a discussion group of developers, read a few messages, and the answer is very clear.

ComputerWorld: Microsoft pitches new app interoperability spec. "IBM this week will post a Java implementation of SOAP on its AlphaWorks Web site and provide source code, Sutor said."

ZDNet: Industry consortium to challenge Microsoft, Sun "Intel, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Oracle have joined with several smaller companies to form, which plans to create a 'vendor-neutral environment' to ensure the compatibility of applications developed according to open Internet standards. This is the first I've heard of this, not sure what they're doing.

OpenServer.Org is not open yet.

A reporter called to ask what's the significance of IBM's co-authorship of SOAP. Aside from the fact that they install a lot of networked systems all over the world, and they do Notes, which we want to connect to Manila and esp Pike; consider that IBM is a leader in the Java world.

Until Sun signs on, the Java community has an opportunity to take charge. That's why I'm involved, I think, because I point these things out.

BTW, another big-name company with an investment in Java is joining the SOAP bandwagon. Looks like Python, Perl, Tcl and even Frontier get to play in the same networked sandbox as Java. It's only fair!

9/12/99: "The goal, simply put, is to create a high-level way for machines to call other machines, with the Internet as the wire that connects them."

News bits

Karl Dubost asks if it makes sense to have a Manila/Frontier dinner in Amsterdam during WWW9, May 15-20.

Jeff Cheney has pictures from last night's Industry Standard second anniverary party in San Francisco.

A minor correction. On Wednesday, after eating Spicy Noodles, I asked Lance if they matched his expectations. He said "That, and more." I asked "Can I say 'that and so much more'?" He said "Make it up as you go along."

PacBell in the loop

I spoke this afternoon with Bill Chubb, VP Broadband Services at PacBell. The escalation through Davos worked. (Thanks Lance!) He did something that Conxion has failed to do so far, he apologized. Even though we are not his direct customer. What a pleasure to have a real business person enter the loop who understands the value of the C word.

Even though tomorrow is the last day that we depend on PacBell-Conxion for mission-critical services, I'm still helping route Chubb into Conxion's service people so that they can upgrade the service for Conxion's remaining 40 customers who use PacBell to link to the Internet. Ask not what the Internet can do for you. But I'll tell you what Conxion can do for me. Apologize for the unbelievably rough treatment and offer us a credit for all the money we're wasting doing this conversion and for the lost business during March and April. And then thank us for continuing to help.

The analogy I use for what we will do tomorrow. Imagine setting up my six lovely servers at the end of a bowling alley and making me take a shot. Do you think something will break? This transition should have been done slowly, thoughtfully and carefully, with understanding from the ISP.

Once again, I gotta say it, every Conxion customer should be aware of what happened here. You could lose your service on 17 days notice, after a month of outages, as we did, and get no apology or credit.

The brain-stem is still breathing

So tomorrow evening the subhonkers move to Exodus. In preparation, we're doing a review of all the sites hosted on all the servers. And we've emptied out the very first mainResponder server, Nirvana, so I can have a server to play with after the move. All its parts are being distributed. An interesting process, the brain-stem of Manila is still breathing, it's there and working, and of course the higher level stuff wouldn't work if it didn't.

One of the sites we moved is my Jamaican uncle's website. It was one of the very first Manila sites, started in August of last year. My uncle has no experience using a computer, so he was a very good early user. He lives on the beach in Jamaica, and since my aunt Dorothy died 11 years ago, he's been looking in vain for a girlfriend or wife to replace her. I always tell my uncle, who I love, there's the bug! You can't replace a human being. Whatever. He's still cool, and if you like bluster, you'll like my uncle. I do!


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