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Hot dogs

Macworld: Apple Heads for Interface Oblivion. "Long-established, long-comfortable, long-respected interface conventions are being flouted in favor of something that looks really, really bitchin'. No matter how hard it is to use."

I created a page on Metababy. Nothing much. But you can edit it. Weird!

(Postscript: Someone did a not very nice JavaScript hack on that page, so I took the link down.)

WarChild is a Frontier website developed by Agency.Com.

AP: "The Supreme Court today left intact a ruling that says Internet service providers are not legally and financially liable when someone is defamed in e-mail communications or bulletin board messages." Something the US does right.

Tomalak has lots of great music links today.

Michael Swaine: "One site I often visit tends to put all the information it has about a topic right there on its front page. Far from being pleased at the convenience, I find myself clicking in frustration on random words, looking for the depth."

osOpinion: Why Java seems doomed to fail.

EditThisPage.De is a Manila site that hasn't opened yet. Diese Seite befindet sich noch im Aufbau!

On MetaFilter, the Pyra business plan takes shape.


Last night we finished a new Manila feature: News Items.

A new first command in the Editors Only menu, before Stories, Pictures and Gems. News.

Click on News, and enter a News Item.

Ever wonder how SlashDot looks behind the scenes? We did.

All Manila sites can have this feature. You just have to turn it on. You do that on a new Prefs panel. (And it's easy to try out, and if you don't like it, you can go back to the old way. Your archives will still work, Manila doesn't care if you switch back and forth, you can do it as many times as you want.)

It flows. You post a News Item. Your Managing Editor reviews it. It's released. Or not. Until it's released it's pending.

(Of course how this works is configurable.)

By design, it's a perfect fit for RSS 0.91. So if you're building a network out of RSS, you win.

And get this, you can edit News Items in XML.

And you can edit them in Pike too.

Mike Donellan asks if the ability to control the appearance of News Items is "in the works". Mike, it was in the works last week. You can totally control the appearance of News Items, in the usual way, with a template. (The appearance is controllable on a site level.)

Full docs are here.

A site where any member can post News Items is here.

If your site is hosted on a UserLand server the News Items feature is already available. Just turn it on. If you're running a Frontier server, update, and you'll get the feature too.

Seth Bokelman got permission to use SlashDot icons on his Manila site (using News Items).

Apple pie

So many email birthday greetings, so little time. BTW, I find email greetings from people I don't know to be cold and sterile, not friendly, so please don't send them, thanks. If you wish me a happy birthday, hold on to it, save it, someday I'll ask for a kindness, you can use it then.

Today I'm 45. It just seems like yesterday that I was 12. Life rushes by so fast. I'm finally the age that says I am, and the age I would be in The Year 2000.

One year older. With many regrets, but still excited about the future.

Today I'm going to find Patti Smith, let her sing my birthday song.

6/26/95: "As I've lived more, I now understand what singers are singing about."

Hot coffee

Mary Jo Foley: "Why do Chairman Gates and CEO Ballmer insist on waving a red flag in front of a charging bull?"

Dan Gillmor: "My morning coffee almost sprayed out my nose Monday when I saw Microsoft's latest newspaper ad."

10/21/97: "I urge Microsoft to learn restraint."

USA Today: What if Microsoft hadn't been a bully?


The Flounder takes issue with a decision we made to stop hosting a site that's made unfair accusations re UserLand's integrity. I responded on the Flounder site, and prefer further discussion take place there. And what a discussion we had! Very nice. The editor of the site took down the accusation, not much more to worry about.

Under the old management, the site definitely had some great stuff. 18803 reads. Schwinng!

Ken MacLeod on flamefests on the SOAP mail list. "The end result of this thread will be like a lot of others: nothing."

Wiener Schnitzel

I'm going to two baseball games this week, tomorrow and Thursday. Let's go Mets!


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