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Evening pointers

Susan Kitchens: Panama recap and a Canopy Tower dawn.

Pictures from today's Mets-Giants game. Potrero Hill. SF skyline. Tailgate birthday party. Great seats! High tech stock ticker. Mookie Wilson, Mets first base coach. Batter up. Pitchers duel. Let's run home and score. Swedish Meatball Day is cancelled. Ricky Henderson demos his swing. Arrrmondo Rrrrios plays a pivotal role. Brouhaha. The benches clear twice. Mets lose their cool. Giants score big. Game over. Happy birthday to Big Dave Jacobs. Sunburn for all.

It's not really love

AP: "A new computer virus spread quickly around the world today, swamping U.S. corporate networks with e-mails entitled ILOVEYOU after crippling government and business computers in Asia and Europe."

David Valentine points to a site that explains how to remove the virus. Please post any updates as responses to David's message.

PS: Don't open email enclosures, ever.

Gearing up for WWW9

Ken MacLeod has updating his Lightweight Protocols page, with links for people at WWW9.

ComputerWorld: "SOAP is a starting point, [IBM's Sutor] said, intended to evoke comment and refine the protocol. It doesn't work to try to fully develop a standard and then test it, he said."

Microsoft's Charles Fitzgerald on SOAP 1.1: "We're going full speed ahead. I'm a little disconcerted by some of the things IBM has been saying publicly."

DevX interviews Lotus's Noah Mendelsohn on the role IBM is playing in SOAP.

Pyra, Baseball, Birthdays

On my way to the baseball game yesterday I stopped by at Pyra, the makers of Blogger, on Townsend St. Up till yesterday I had only met Evan Williams, Pyra's CEO. We had a very cool talk, it was on Ev's webcam, looking for ways to get our apps talk to enhance each other.

Matt Haughey had some good feedback on Manila, he said the template is hard to edit (which is true, it's a web browser interface after all) and suggested shipping with a virtually empty template, which I thought was an interesting idea, and one I had not heard before.

We also talked about linking our membership systems. How many different times do you want to enter your mother's maiden name? There should be a button on every membership signup page that says You Know Who I Am. Click on it and the form is filled out with information that comes from a central server. Dale Dougherty wrote a passionate essay about this a few weeks back on the Manila-Newbies mail list. I want to solve the problem, but wish to do it in a cross-vendor way.

Another idea was linking favorites on Weblogs.Com with the Blogger home page. You could get a customized view of the weblogs that changed (they call them blogs, understandably). They would have to mirror the favorites structure on their server, and be able to associate a Blogger membership with a Weblogs.Com membership. We puzzled over how to create this linkage. I think it's do-able, but I have to do some more thinking.

(Gordon's company is focused on membership, which was the focus of the conversation with Pyra. Until I wrote this story I didn't make the connection.)

I then went to the baseball game (three blocks away) with Gordon Eubanks, CEO of Oblix, and the former CEO of Symantec, the company I sold Living Videotext to in 1987. It was really good to see him, we had never had time to hang out and go to games when we worked together. The game was exciting, really good baseball. Some incredible fielding plays, but I had to leave early to get to a birthday dinner with Dave Jacobs, Marc Canter and Sonja Scharrer.

(After a drunk fan ran on the field I asked Gordon if he had ever been arrested. He looked at me, stared, a little smile, and then I said, Oh yeah!)

Dave Jacobs is 44 today. Happy birthday Big Dave! I've known him for fourteen years. The day between our birthdays has become a sort of holiday in our circle of friends. Dave now works at Macromedia. At his previous job at Marimba he made a bunch of money and yesterday he showed us the first toy he bought with his new wealth. Go Big Dave!

Dave also was the Fetish editor at Wired for a few years, a perfect casting, he's the ultimate gadget guy, Mr Rube Goldberg. So I can't wait to see the sound studio he builds in his house and I keep urging him to get a hot tub already, it's a quality of life thing as far as I'm concerned everyone should have one, certainly a friendly guy like Dave.

Another Big Dave story. He had to fly to LA to buy the car. On the drive back, going up a mountain in fifth gear, barely touching the gas pedal, going 105 mph. A tear comes to his eye. Cherman engineering. We all laugh. The cool thing about Big Dave is that we know he really is touched by this. Me, I could care less about cars, I like software. That's another cool thing about friends. We're all different.

Ed Anuff's happy day?

I got a really interesting picture at the game relating to Ed Anuff, who was also at Wired at the same time Dave and I were there.

Click on the proposal above to find out where it appeared.

(Ed sent me an email: "It's a prank that some of my employees pulled on me. The human equivalent of the "ILOVEYOU" virus.)

Another baseball day

Believe it or not I'm going to another baseball game today!


Let's go Mets!

(Mets lost, great game. Lots of fun. Pictures at 10.)


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