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Ransaker is a scriptable search engine written in Python. The author, Michal Wallace, sent an email saying "It's fairly simple, written in Python. And Python has an xml-rpc library. I don't know much about xml-rpc yet, but if anyone wanted to tie it in, I'd be more than happy to work with them." Excellent!

This could fit in, probably easily, behind the XML-RPC interface we've defined for UserLand's search engine. This should really be the first XML-RPC-based application standard. It's so simple and valuable. Every site needs a search command, and Manila is already programmed to spit out a stream of XML-RPC messages as content on a site changes. With thousands of Manila sites, it's not a chicken and egg situation. Perhaps Python will again lead the way and provide the first "second" implementation?

2/21/00: An Open Proposal to Search Engine developers.

Updated Manila Sites: "This page lists the recently updated Manila sites hosted on all UserLand.Com servers."

The Top-100 page on EditThisPage.Com is no longer accurate. Many of the top sites were moved to a different server yesterday, to distribute the load better. We're working on a Top-100 page for all sites hosted on UserLand servers, in line with the new updates page.

Paul Snively asks for help doing an XML-RPC interface for Macintosh Word Services. He wants to tap into the Apple Event Object Model from Java.

Reuters: Intel to Unveil Network Devices. "Both devices accelerate and control secure XML-based Internet transactions, for faster electronic commerce."

Intel product sheet for Netstructure XML Accelerators.

Washington Post: A Kinder, Gentler Microsoft?

Glenn Berntson: "I'm the creator of Idea Keeper."

B-liner is a project outliner. "It is a simple and powerful bracket outliner with hierarchical spreadsheets for project planning, analysis, & design."

NY Times: How Killer B-to-B's Slid to the Endangered List.

A resolution with the site that was an issue in the discussion on The Flounder. The defaced graphics have been removed.

Jason Levine: "It will be interesting seeing how they deal with the 'defaced' graphics once they're on a non-Userland site." (By pointing to them.)

Jason and I have been discussing fair use. To illustrate my point, I took an image from his site, overlaid his copyright policy and added the Dyke button which he copied from the controversial site, to help further free speech on the Internet, a cause I totally support. Then I reduced the size of the Dyke button and put it on his chest, on a set a drawers, and a few other places in Jason's scene. Now, according to his definition of fair use, this seems pretty fair. But of course it's really poor taste. For all I know Jason has friends who are lesbians, who might wonder why he's wearing that button. I asked if it was fair use, he says he's not sure.

For all the talk about "censorship" on the UserLand DG, some highly productive discussions take place there. An example. The rules are pretty simple. Treat people according to the Golden Rule. And act like an adult. Some other tips. Get to know the people there before you post. Re-read your post and ask yourself if you would be OK if someone said that to you. Is there a friendly way to say the same thing? How much do the people on the DG know about you? (The more they do the less likely you'll be misunderstood.) Is it flame-bait? If so expect it to be deleted immediately. (Almost anything that puts another member of the DG on the defensive is flame-bait. Challenge people's ideas, but if you're expecting agreement that the person is immoral, forget it. Life doesn't work that way. Even convicted killers proclaim their innocence.)

CamWorld: "If you happen to have a different opinion than me, please don't hesitiate to let me know. I'm a friendly guy and enjoy debating this stuff. The sheer amount of flames and email I get from people using temporary Hotmail accounts who feel they need to hide behind an alias in order to communicate with me is mindboggling."

Cam is a friendly guy and does enjoy debate. Somehow we have to build a firewall, to keep the LCD crowd from wasting so much of so many busy people's time.


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