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W3C: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1.

Other docs: submission request, W3C team comment.

UserLand's press release will run at approx 3AM Pacific with comments from Tim O'Reilly, Jakob Nielsen, Noah Mendelsohn, Ken MacLeod, Doc Searls, Kevin Werbach, Fredrik Lundh, Paul Everitt, Tim Bray and Microsoft's Tod Nielsen.

It's been a long day! But man it feels good to get this into W3C; just in time for Amsterdam.

Today's links

Over the weekend, Andre Radke worked on getting SOAP 1.1 support into Frontier 6.2. He posted a report on our internal website, but I asked that he make it public so that other SOAP implementors can see how we're doing. Clearly interop between early implementations would be a Good Thing. IBM has already shipped one for Java, and according to Fredrik Lundh, PythonWare will soon ship one for Python.

IBM released version 1.1 of their SOAP for Java. gets a cease and desist from Mattel. Oooops.

Bill Gates: The Case For Microsoft.

Survey: A Scripting News BOF in Amsterdam?

Joel: "If the UI can't withstand your acting generally immature and stupid, it could use some work."

If we had an award for the most brilliant slap your head in disbelief idea of the week, it would surely go to Sam Yates who figured out how to get Pike to work from behind a firewall without requiring any browser configuration. I said in my response, "I'm not worthy!" Totally in awe.

Press release: Dreamweaver UltraDev "generates applications that take advantage of Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Sun Microsystems JavaServer Pages (JSP), and Allaire ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) technologies to connect to industry standard servers, making it ideally suited to today's heterogeneous development landscapes."

Web Services Developer Center is covering SOAP.

Keith Moore: On the use of HTTP as a Substrate for Other Protocols. "This document recommends technical particulars of such use, including use of default ports, URL schemes, and HTTP security mechanisms."

News.Com: Intel to introduce products to ease XML adoption.

NY Times: "The first time each desktop computer connected to the Ford network, it would automatically download a remedy to eliminate the rogue program, because of the new software written on Thursday night."

Simon Evans: "Are all flame wars this boring?"

Doing a press release

Today is put-together-a-press-release day here.

When I write a press release I am wanting to add flow to our sites, so my goal is to say something interesting, but not everything, to get a certain kind of reader to click on a link where we can tell the whole story. Further, while the press releases have a formal corporate tone, they also have ideas, and try to explain something, to teach the reader something new, and to create a favorable impression of a company that most of the readers (we hope) have never heard of, UserLand.

Today's press release is about SOAP 1.1. We expect to reach a milestone today. I can't say what that is, obviously, at this time. But the specific milestone is less important, imho, than the connection between small companies, independent developers, and very large technology companies. This is the realignment I've been waiting for, for pretty much my whole career. So now that my little company is getting recognition from some big ones, I want to be careful to feed back support to the individuals and companies that have supported us. This is what didn't happen in the Mac developer community in the 90s, each individual developer would try to make deals with Apple, but none of us wanted to make deals with each other. There were some notable exceptions, like the work we did with NetEvents and Internet Config. By holding hands with PythonWare and Ken MacLeod, along with IBM and Microsoft, we help build a network of collaboration that will make the benefit of large-and-small working together more than a one-shot deal.

I'm doing a bit of follow-up to see how each of the press releases fared on the web.

We've done two releases in the last six months, announcing Frontier 6.1/Manila, and announcing the Davos Newbies site.

Google search for Davos Newbies. It appeared on Excite and Yahoo, but that's all that Google picked up. So far searches haven't turned up any instances of the Manila press release. Perhaps it's rolled off? Do Excite and Yahoo take down press releases after some time?

The Manila press release was picked up by MacCentral, the Davos one apparently, was not.

We use the PR Newswire to distribute press releases. I wanted to say what the pricing is but Bob Bierman tells me that that information is confidential.

PR Newswire: Database Services.

Sad news

I'm unhappy that Angus Glashier is moving his site off Weblogs.Com.

I think he's leaving before finding out that Manila has exactly the feature he's looking for. You can also open the database in Pike, which is free.

To be clear, you own your content, we have provided a mechanism for every editor to back up his or her content, and you should do it. Remember Murphy.

I was a regular reader of his site, and I'll miss it. He's the kind of person we want creating content with Manila.

Postscript: Angus is staying. I'm very happy now! Yeah.

How to opt-out

If you want to opt-out of hosting on UserLand servers, it's your right at any time to do that. Here's how we'd like to do it.

Place a notice on your home page saying that you have decided to move your site to another server. If possible avoid making a speech. You may want to say something about us, or our policies, and that's fine, but please do that on your new site.

Also include the URL of your new site. We will place a redirect on the server so that your site will continue to be accessible through the older URL. Sometimes we just have to guess, based on what pointers are left on the site.

It's better not to leave this to guesswork.


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