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I have been outrageously lucky to have great teachers.

At my first massage intensive, in the summer of 1994, in the middle of the eleven day class, I did my first breathwork, a process of guided meditation that focuses attention inward, something that I, and many other people are reluctant to do.

The man whose voice guided us was known as Jeru, which is an Indian name for a small man with very big ideas, from Iowa, whose American name was Richard Dorin. His practice, which he described as a cross between Buddhism and psychology, was just what I needed to help me on the path of learning about myself. That's become my life mission. In many ways that's all I can experience, me.

Many of the ideas in my DaveNet writing came from Jeru, they were my adaptations of his adaptations, my attempt to sprinkle the ideas around the Internet in the hope that they could spread.

This evening I received an email saying that Jeru died on May 22. I've not written about him before, directly, but he's influenced everything I've done since I had the good fortune to meet him and learn from him. At this moment, I simply want to express my gratitude for his being, and his huge contribution in making the universe a more friendly place, for me.

9/10/98: Really Being There. "Nothing but patient retraining of the computer can allow that part of me to understand that the battle to be born is over. I can't get there by frightening the computer, or arguing with it. The only way to get there is through understanding and care and patience, listening to the computer as you would a small child, with love and compassion and understanding."

Jakob's weblog?

If I may offer some advice to Jakob Nielsen, make this page your home page, and link to Alert Boxes from it, and update it more frequently. You're doing a weblog Jakob. Looking at the current home page, it appears to be morphing into a weblog as well.

Jakob: "If one starts being a daily, one has to be a daily every day."

Dave: "The rule that it has to be updated on a regular basis is a myth, I believe."

Mirrors mirrors

Joel Spolsky: Let Me Go Back!

What is

David Singer is visiting RPI. (UserLand's Bob Bierman went to RPI. I wish Bob had a weblog. Hint hint.)

Freddie Prinze Jr looks a lot like Evan Williams.



NY Times: The Good E-Book. "In the near future, books will cost little or nothing, never go out of print and remain eternally available throughout the wired world. Can anyone really be against that?"

Not me. Today all writing is electronic. Think about it. We're in the process of fully networking writing. So what's the magic of reading words on paper? Why print words before they can be read and appreciated?

With my 45-year-old eyes, there are a lot of books I can't easily read on paper when the light is not good. I usually can read text on a computer. (Light text on dark backgrounds is the major exception.)

Routing around

On the DG, Phil Wolff suggests getting a PR firm.

I don't want to do that, yet, maybe soon. First I want to connect with reporters who read Scripting News. There are a few of them. I could do a tour to visit each of them, do some demos, answer questions face to face.

Right now I feel that our story wouldn't make as much sense to people who don't know me through the Web. And I want to invest in the reporters who show initiative and go looking for a story, instead of waiting for a phone call or a press tour.

I have a lot to say about this. And I say some of it in a discussion group response to Phil.

I'm also writing about it on the Syndication mail list on eGroups. "I like reading Reuters stories, for sure, but if the economics of the Internet undermines their business model, I wouldn't shed a tear. The Internet has reporters everywhere that Reuters does, and over time, the Internet will reach many places Reuters doesn't, and no matter how much Reuters grows, they'll never be able to match it."

XML-RPC validator moves forward

As of 6/3/00, the following implementations have demonstrated that they interoperate: Frontier, Perl, PHP, Zope.

I fixed a bug in one of the tests yesterday, and the Java implementation no longer validates.

Edd Dumbill posted the PHP source code for the validator1 suite.


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