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Retracing: "In interviews with The New York Times over the last several months, dozens of the state and federal officials who have investigated and prosecuted Microsoft for the last four years, as well as industry executives, described many moves by Microsoft that they think backfired and led to a resounding court defeat." A must-read.

Jim Clark: "The browser is to Internet services what the operating system is to (PC) applications." True.

Powerful Seattle Times editorial.

I sent out yesterday's DaveNet piece via email. Another one is brewing. Maybe a one day lag is the best way to do it? Still figuring this stuff out.

Postscript: There was a glitch in the new script I wrote, and some people got two copies. But the process is a lot easier for me because I no longer have to juggle two versions of the essay, one for the Web and one for email. When I'm ready to send the email, my script sends an XML-RPC message to the server (actually two) and grabs the contents of the home page as a <struct>, which contains lots of info about the essay, including the outline. My script does all the parsing and distribution, but I don't have to manage a copy on my desktop. The same technique could be used from any XML-RPC-aware scripting environment to talk to any Manila site. Here's a screen shot with clues.

Post-postcript: Sending out the DaveNet via email was a good thing to do. It's started a frank conversation with Microsoft. They do this better than anyone else.

Does he know me?

I love Mira. Yes, Americans are lucky and unlucky that our language is spoken so widely. But our culture is somewhat diverse.

When I was 16 I went hitch-hiking across the country. In Lincoln, NE, walking around town in the early morning, a very lovely day coming, a stranger said hello as we passed on the street. I was puzzled. Does he know me? How could he, when I was so far from home.

Later I realized this was a different custom. Outside NY, where I grew up, it's not uncommon for people to greet each other, even strangers. In NY, this is unheard-of.

Creativity on the Web

Exploding Dog: "Hi my name is Sam, I draw pictures, from your titles. Send me a title, or any thing else you want to talk to me about."

Watch this Space: "The news of the fearless women with the shovel had spread up and down the Swan Valley. What would they think of her if they knew she actually drove off the mountain lion with her bare hands?"

Listening to KFOG, I am annoyed by the repetitive ads. I totally hate the Togo's turkey and avocado commercial. But I love the Yahoo Shopping ad with the guy behaving like a dog. Since Yahoo is a Web company, I wonder if the commercial is available on the Web so I can point to it.

Michael Gosney of Radiov: "People are going to build their own soundtrack from a much wider array of choices than the old commercial music paradigm allowed. Everyone will be their own DJ," says Gosney.

Today's word: giddy.

He didn't exhale

Guardian: "It has become of one the Netherlands' most famous products, and if those who advocate its virtues get their way then Euro 2000 could be the most peaceful and laid-back football tournament in sporting history."

Thanks to Dave's Picks for this link. A candidate I could vote for. "I didn't exhale," says Stephen Gaskin.

Nice things about Sun

John Gage: "In fifty years, computation will be so complex, and so demanding of memory and working on devices of such intricacy that a single calculation could change the heat level of the universe."

Tim O'Reilly: "I have a feeling I was invited here because I'm the person associated with the open source movement who is most likely to say nice things about Sun."


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