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It's SOAP! 

Andre Radke: Introducing SOAP for Frontier.

Whew! It's there. Now you can use Frontier to send and receive SOAP messages, exactly as you would with XML-RPC. This is the secret way to add new protocols. Make the differences invisible to the developer. A simple change, betty becomes soap. Easy easy easy.

Frontier users, a tutorial with screen shots, full source and download are here. BTW, SOAP will run in Pike too, when we do a new release of it.

History is made today! The first public demo of interoperable SOAP 1.1 implementations. Andre posted a notice of our test app, and Fredrik Lundh was able to call it from the Python SOAP library. Excellent!

Doc Searls: "Parenting doesn't get better than this."

Photos from Napster 

I had a 2-hour meeting in San Mateo this afternoon with Napster founder Shawn Fanning and VP-Engineering Eddie Kessler.

10 million people use Napster each day. Their office is connected to the Internet via DSL. Shawn moved from Boston to California in September 1999. There's no silver bullet, they're still figuring out what their business is. They host at AboveNet.

Shawn Fanning is the 19-year-old founder of the company and develops the Napster client.

Eddie Kessler is Napster's VP-Engineering.

Inga Kulberg is Napster's staffing manager. She's looking for programmers. Go work for her. If I didn't already have a job I would.

Napster's employee picture board.

Napster's server engineering room, with a server engineer who's name I didn't catch.

Patent insanity 

Financial Times: BT Owns Key Web Patent. "Patents were sought in 1976 and have already expired in countries out-side the US. But the US patent was not granted until 1986, and still has six years to run."

Lance Knobel: "It would seem unthinkable, given the centrality of hyperlinks to the Web, that BT could have any recourse on this so-called invention."

News.Com: Big-name companies lobby against patent proposal. "Companies say they need the USPTO to use all the money from patent fees to clear up an applications backlog that can leave companies waiting nearly two years for patent approvals."

Au contraire. Let's cut the USPTO budget by 100 percent and rescind all patents issued in the last ten years. Just like the music companies, they're screwing the artists and the fans. When will the rest of us get a clue. It's an election year in the US. One more time.


I gotta tip my hat, this is an excellent site. Look at all the songs. And it looks like Bob doesn't mind if you listen to his music. All the lyrics are there. My RealAudio isn't working so I can't tell if the songs are complete. Are they? If so, this is an exemplary site. All that's missing is the tip jar.

Brent Simmons: "I remember sitting alone in my room at night, listening to Dylan through the headphones, thinking -- everything sucks, the system sucks, adults suck, school sucks, but Dylan understands."

Rick Winfield says Dylan ain't so hip.

Money money money 

Want to know how music makes money? Here it is.

Do I mind paying more so college students can listen to music for free? Of course not! I want the kids to be happy.

July 5 dinner in NYC 

If you're in NYC on July 5, mark your calendar, because that's when we're going to have the grand Scripting News in Gotham dinner and mini gustatory tour. Location TBD. 8PM eastern. It will not be webcast. I will bring my camera. We will eat Jewish food and drink egg cremes and belch loudly. We will discuss east coast things whatever they may be.

Survey: Will you be there?

Hey this worked in the past. I have five days free in NY and a rental car July 1 through 5. I want to go body surfing. I hate crowds. Am I fucked? Or better, how fucked am I? (I'm already starting to talk like a NYer, again.)

Update, from Joel Spolsky: "Come on out to my beach house in East Hampton. The beaches here are better than any in California, body surfing is great, and it's easy to find a beach without a soul around, even on July 4th." I'll be there!


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