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Fortune cover story 

Brent Schlender: Damn the Torpedos.

Thanks for the quote in part 4.

"I told Bill I thought it was the single most courageous thing he's ever done," says Dave Winer, founder and president of Userland, a small Silicon Valley software-tools company that is a key player in determining XML standards. Winer thinks the cooperation will discourage predatory behavior: "IBM and Microsoft and Sun will keep each other honest," he says.

XML storage 

One of the services Microsoft described on Thursday is the XML Store. This is a very important idea.

We're going to move here at Internet Speed. I've got a design, and a connection to our outliner, but that's just one of the tools and browsers that make sense here.

It'll be easy to connect up any desktop app that can create or display hierarchies in some way. And there is no special server. It's low-tech, you can use Notepad to build the structures.

I've never worked on a juicier project with so many uses. I know this is a tease. But I want you all to get a sense of how quickly the Two-Way-Web can come online now.

Frontier 6.2 ships 

Frontier 6.2 Change Notes.

Milestones are on yesterday's Scripting News.

Here's the page with links to all the info about 6.2. This page will be updated as the week goes by as more docs come on line.

You can get into the Trial Window program here, full info is on the Pricing page.

Mac OS X and Frontier 

Tim Paustian is doing the Carbonization project for Frontier 6.2. He tells the story on the Weblog he's been using to organize the work. I'm glad too that this can now be in the open. Given the strong feelings on this in the Frontier user community, I felt it was best to promise nothing while the project was getting started.

Any lawyers tuned in? 

The RIAA may be making a big incorrect assumption. Read the following piece and consider the quote.

Wired: "'While the Internet and MP3 technology provide budding artists without recording contracts with an inexpensive vehicle for communicating their work to the public, the predominant use of MP3 technology is the trafficking of pirated sound recordings,' said a statement in the written court documents filed by the RIAA."

As I understand it, they lost the case against the Diamond Rio because it could be used for lawful purposes. The same is true of the MP3 download sites. If a person who has already purchased the right to listen to the music wants to be able to access the songs over the Internet, what law did they break?

And if a person uses Napster to get a computer-playable version of a song they already own, are they doing something illegal? Surely some of these people are past or future customers. Do you think "trafficking of pirated sound recordings" is what their customers do? These guys are in trouble.

Did you ever see the movie Beetlejuice? I'm reminded of the scene when the football team comes into the director's office and says "Coach I don't think we survived the crash."

Yahoo and HP 

Motley Fool: "In a bold new venture, Yahoo has teamed up with Hewlett-Packard to help sell corporate portals that will mesh popular software applications with an information intensive home screen."

Microsoft unveils C# 

Microsoft: C# Introduction and Overview.

Feature request: Please convert the overview and language reference to HTML.

News.Com: Microsoft submits C# to ECMA.

David Rothgery, a VB developer: "I don't understand the point of C# at all."

Jeremie of Jabber 

Jabber is an open source chat application, and has a perfect opportunity to be the first widely deployed SOAP router. This would be very cool, because any SOAP-compatible desktop app could provide its own interface to chat functionality. And because it would easily be extensible, we could have higher-level applications running over the same wires.

Jeremie Miller, who I met at Netscape in April, is the benevolent dictator of JabberLand.

It's so cool that Jeremy is gushingly enthusiastic about connecting up. Thanks to Microsoft for opening this door!

They make fun of me for saying it's about love, but that's what it is. Once we want to work together, magic takes over.

A sensible application for Napster 

Ian Thompson: "I got some email from my sister, who's in the middle of a three-week hospital stay, recovering from some fairly major surgery. I'd asked her if I needed to send any CDs, she said no, the patient computer in her area has Napster!"

A sensible application for Perl 

Brian Kelly connects the UserLand.Com back-end to Perl in a simple and colorful application, using XML, of course.

Regrets to the East Coast 

I have to postpone the NY trip. Our ship is coming in, every hour I'm getting more emails from developers who are totally turned on by the Two-Way-Web idea after hearing the same idea coming from Redmond. The power of the bulliest of pulpits.

I must stay closer to the backbone with a good net connection. I'll be reporting on some of the developments in real-time, but I'd say SOAP has gained traction now and is starting to boom.

I've been trying to balance this against my desire to swim in the Atlantic and eat disgustingly greasy NY Jewish food. My thought is that I can go to NY in August, but right now the stuff I've wanted to happen is happening now, and it's here in the west, not in the east.


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