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HowTos for Manila sysadmins 

Now that 6.2 is out and more people are using Frontier to host Manila sites, we're doing a series of HowTos that answer common questions Frontier-newbies ask.

The newest HowTo explains how to enable the SOAP server that's built into 6.2, with pointers to programming resources.

Another one answers many of the questions people ask about Frontier's built-in Web server.

Don't forget the patent 

WSJ: Six Airlines Challenge Priceline.

Priceline has one of the most notorious business model patents. The WSJ article doesn't mention it.

PurpleDemon.Com is the teaser site for the new service.

(Does Microsoft have a patent on CGI scripts?)

The blog within a blog 

Soup: The Death of Copyright.

Advogato: Is SOAP the future or a security nightmare?

Rael Dornfest has started a Manila site to work on a "modular" approach to extending RSS.

Ed Draper starts a discussion on XML namespaces. I posted an invitation to participate on the Syndication mail list, where namespace advocates are known to reside.

Publog is a German community Weblog, running in Manila.

A new look for the lunch Weblog.

FuckedCompany.Com continues to impress. "Rumor has it that the Manager and Director of BizDev at luxury e-tailer eLuxury, walked out last month. This week the second VP of BizDev, after 2 months, is making her exit. Thus leaving just the UCLA MBA intern unknowingly to run things. He starts next week."

Who to hate? 

After buying a Lyra portable MP3 player, my desktop computer no longer works. Of course. This makes total sense. (Sarcasm.)

I installed the cute little flash memory disk drive, and it put some software on my hard disk, presumably some of it runs when the system launches.

Now the file system Explorer runs at a snail's pace. It takes a minute to refresh a folder listing. It takes five seconds to select a file. It's true I spend most of my time on the Web, not on the local file system, but when I have to deal with a file, my life turns to shit.

It could also be Real Jukebox, a piece of software I totally don't trust, that installed some background daemon that's causing the problem.

One more complaint. I bought an extra $200 64MB flash card, thinking it could be made to work with the Lyra. So far no luck. The Lyra complains DOS ERROR 1 when I insert the cartridge. Of course this error is not explained in the user manual or on the website.

It's no fun being a user!

Why we love Napster 

Reason #1: It works and doesn't install any flaky system software. Here's another reason..

NY Times: "Napster is the new Elvis of the Internet, the rebel that rocks the establishment because of its wild popularity among young people and its whiff of dangerousness." Yes!

But ultimately Elvis visited Nixon's White House and played in Las Vegas. How long before Napster is singing the tune of the music industry?

Hey there's a Napster weblog.

Oh Larry! 

Dan Gillmor: Oracle's Sleaze and Opinion Laundering.

A juicy Ellisonism in this NY Times article. "We will ship them our garbage," he said. "We will ship our garbage to Redmond, and they can go through it. We believe in full disclosure."

Interesting auction 

Sotheby's is auctioning an original first printing of the US Declaration of Independence. At 7AM Pacific the top bid is $4 million.

It was sold for $8.4 million.

Today's song 

Elvis: Jailhouse Rock.

The warden threw a party in the county jail. The prison band was there and they began to wail. The band was jumpin' and the joint began to swing. You should've heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.

Bonus song 

It's a two-song Thursday!

Joni Mitchell: For Free.

Nobody stopped to hear him, though he played so sweet and high. They knew he had never been on their TV, so they passed his music by.


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