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Time off 

June was a great month, one of the best ever.

My team shipped a new release of Frontier and I didn't do any of the work. And it's a great release, a real milestone, made sweeter by the accomplishments of the people I am totally proud to work with.

A one of a kind corporate relationship blossomed, a project we started two years ago. It saw the light of day, and it's exciting, not just for the technology, also because of its humanity. My theory of the Internet, that the power of ideas matter more than the size of a company, is confirmed for me. Can courageous ideas come from a big company? Yes.

A friend died, a puzzling thing, for sure, but new friendships started and old friendships renewed. A baby was born today!

And the power of music came back into my life in a new big way. Thanks Napster! And thanks to all the cool musicians who left a trail through my past, that I can now navigate from my desktop. I know you didn't make enough money for all the teaching you do, the inspiration you provide, and I promise to do what I can to help right that.

Yes, June 2000 was a great month. And I'm going to begin July, starting tomorrow, by taking some time off.

Indigo Girls: "I call on the resting soul of Gal-i-le-o, king of night vision, king of insight."

A new baby! 

Two dear friends, Amy Shelton and Dave Jacobs had a baby today, a healthy boy, Cassidy. I love Dave and Amy, the new boy is sure to be creative and smart and very well loved. Mazel tov!

John Perry Barlow: Cassidy.

Ah, child of countless trees. Ah, child of boundless seas. What you are, what you're meant to be. Speaks his name, though you were born to me,

Evening pointers 

What does Notes do? Luke Tymowski: "When you use the term Notes you refer to the client. When you use the term Domino you refer to the server."

Frontier: Moving from isp.root to 6.2.

Rosenberg on Dot-Net 

Salon's Scott Rosenberg on Microsoft: "Every big technology company today trades in dreams and visions, but no other outfit has been able to come this close to offering an even partially credible plan for delivering on them."

I agree. The difference after last week's announcement is palpable. A week before the announcement we had a clear idea of how the Web can evolve to be a platform for new cool stuff like Napster, but Microsoft's support, stated and public, and on the cover of Fortune, created openings that could not be created any other way.

Here's why Microsoft's proposal is different from all the others. It really empowers developers, not just the captive ones, but everyone who has a scripting language that can do HTTP and XML. Especially developers who don't use Windows.

Now you might think they're doing this just because of the horrendous cloud over their head, but who cares why? It's not my problem to worry about the goodness of their hearts. The door is open now, Microsoft can swarm all over this vision, will other developers?

I was struck by Ellison's comments on Wednesday. He says they're doing the same thing Microsoft is. But where's their outreach to developers? What do they want us to do? Are they willing to let us lead them?

Morning pointers 

Microsoft: Digital Dashboard Demo.

In an internal memo, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer names sixteen Distinguished Engineers.

Reuters: Napster legal brief due Monday.

Michael Rose found this screen shot of Tim Berners-Lee's first Web browser/editor.

New Manila Tweak: "Sometimes you have a story that shouldn't have a byline, even though you want bylines for the rest of the stories." Yes, that's true.

News.Com: Dell to give away NetObjects Fusion. "With the new offerings, DellHost hopes to build beyond the 2,000 customers from its initial growth spurt, said Tim Mattox, general manager of Dell Hosting Group."

Nice lookin Python site.

Today's Napster playlist. Someday I hope you'll be able to click on this and listen to the whole set. Here's a screen shot of the list, as I edit it on my desktop.

Hey we just got a post on the outages mail list. "Speedchoice, now Sprint Broadband Direct, really sucks and I wouldn't recommend anyone else getting it." Keep em comin!


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