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DaveNet: I'm a music fan.

Joan Baez: "Yes I loved you dearly. And if you're offering me diamonds and rust, I've already paid."

News.Com: Dell partners with S3 on MP3 players.

Use KIMA to "rebroadcast streaming media from your PC to any home stereo or portable radio system with 1000 feet."

It seems as if the Radio Shack wireless CD adaptor ($30) would work with a Lyra or Rio MP3 player.

MP3.Com: Portable MP3 Radio.

Rio: Digital Audio Receiver.

Doc Searls: "I have a Ramsey FM-100 that's been doing the same thing at my house for years. Mine is hooked up to the Dish satellite system, but could just as easily be plugged into the computer. When I hook it up to an antenna on the roof, I can get it up to 5 miles away by line of sight. Right now it's next to the TV and covers the neighborhood on 88.1. We pick it up on receivers around the house. Sounds fabulous. You can buy it fully built, by the way."

Elvis Costello: "But she used to have a carefree mind of her own, with devilish look in her eye, saying 'You can call me anything you like, but my name is Veronica.'"

Veronica is a 50mW FM Stereo Transmitter Kit.

X10.Com: MP3 Anywhere 2000.

David Boies: "A dominant firm or a trade association shouldn't have the ability to use its power to stifle a new technology."

Flutterby: Declaration of Independence.

On Sunday Craig Jensen linked to all kinds of stuff about Frank Zappa, one of my all-time heroes of rock and roll.

Frank Zappa: "Why is a vegetable something to hide?"

Inside.Com: "Ask anyone who works on the editorial or design side of a media Web site what the worst part of their job is. After they exhaust themselves on the number of hours they work and how little their options are now worth, talk often turns to the publishing tools they use to manage their site and how much they hate them."

David Singer: Weblogs inside IBM. Go go go!

Leigh Dodds summarizes recent discussions in RSS-Land.

Random observation, doing searches on Google this morning. Lots of new integration with Yahoo. Interesting.

Aaron Swartz has the Tcl implementation of XML-RPC validating. Thanks!

Why SOAP is cooool 

Read this article that explains how SOAP works in ASPs.

Now think of it this way. It's a howto, showing how to integrate Frontier content management with all the things that ASP can do. You should even be able to run Frontier on the same machine, just use SOAP to do the interface.

What's cool is that we now have Microsoft people writing Frontier howtos.

Around the loop 

WSJ: Venture capital loves P2P. "Despite the dot-com downturn, Silicon Valley is embarking on one of its favorite pastimes: investing in a full-blown technology fad. This one, called 'peer-to-peer' computing, is inspired by the controversial music-sharing service Napster Inc." Oy.

A fad? How many VCs have a clue? Napster must be peer-to-peer to route around the fear of the music industry. Peer-to-peer is a big opportunity, but the race has been running for a few years. Hopefully Wall Street will not succumb to euphoria and will evaluate the companies based on what they actually do, not on the hype. As usual, Marc Andreessen is leading the hype parade.

From the It's A Strange World Department 

NY Times: "Muslim insurgents battling Philippine troops in the south have a new weapon. When the shelling and gunfire let up, they send a barrage of scathing insults to Manila's forces by cell phone."

I wonder if Marc Andreessen has one of these cell phones?

From the Real World Department 

Jason Levine is learning to be a doctor. "Incredibly sick kids make for incredibly effective learning opportunities."

NY dinner postponed 

With regrets, my east coast trip was postponed due to new business opportunities on the west coast. We had planned a Scripting News dinner in NY for this evening. That won't happen. I'll come to NY soon and we'll do a dinner then.


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