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DaveNet: Do you know Stephen King?

News.Com: "We have a generation of computer jockeys that we've raised on Napster and MP3 who have gotten the idea, the mistaken idea, that everything in the store is free," King said. "And I'd like to see if we can't reeducate these people to the idea that the fruits of talent cost you money." Grrrr.

NY Times: King Novel Falls Short. "William Thornton, president of Radiant Ideas, which maintains, said that some visitors to the Web site objected to the intallment plan. He said that about a quarter of visitors to the Web site declined to download the chapter."

Steve Wozniak's comments on the King piece.

Beverly Hills Weekly: Should Napster be shut down?

Jim Burger: A Lawyer's Musings on Napster. Jim is a friend, an attorney who has been at the center of the issues around music, law and technology, as Apple's lawyer in Washington and later as part of the Secure Digital Music Initiative. He and I have been emailing, and I asked him to post his thoughts publicly. Thanks Jim!

Jimmy Guterman: Why Labels Should Love Napster. "Should the recording industry stop its attack, it will realize that Napster is giving the music business media attention and something it has desperately needed for years: a purpose on the Net."

Motley Fool: Does Napster Herald the Dark Ages?

News.Com: "'The music industry will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, oppose any foe to protect the integrity of their copyrights and the copyrights of their artists,' he said, borrowing excerpts from a speech by President John F. Kennedy." Too bad.

LA Times: Tech Talent Turns Tables on Labels. "In the biggest cultural and economic battle the entertainment industry has faced, record labels have managed to transform themselves into a creaky, fuddy-duddy playground that young techies view as the Lawrence Welk of today's music employers."

Todd Spangler: The Napster Mirage.

Susan Kitchens is struggling with the Manila docs to figure out how News Items work. I wish it were easier too.

Ralph Hempel reports on imaging tools he uses.

Go.Com open sourced their content management tools.

Barry Frankel: "What if the monks who had spent their lives hand-copying bibles had tried to stop Gutenberg from printing bibles?"

I'm researching product names again, and my travels lead me to Purina's Cat Chow site, which is excellent, very respectful and clued-in. They start from a position that's supportable. We love cats. If you have one, here's the information you need to have good relationship with your cat. We like to complain about sites that suck, here's one that doesn't.

I'm looking for one or two people with Manila experience to help with the Napster weblog.

I spoke with Chuck Shotton yesterday, it had been a long time. His team is not working in Java now, they're using C++. Why? Java is not WORA anymore says Chuck. When did that change? I asked. A couple of weeks ago when Microsoft pulled it out of Visual Studio. I guess Chuck saw it coming?

Truckin: "What a long strange trip it's been."

Another moment of serendipity. Looking for "Where did the love go?" by Roberta Flack, I found "Where did our love go?" by the Supremes. Never heard of it. Downloaded it. And wow, it's an old Supremes favorite. "Baby baby ooh baby baby."

Inspiration is never far away 

A couple of weeks ago, clicking on Bowie songs, I must have also decided to download his Little Drummer Boy duet with Bing Crosby. I'm listening to it in the middle of summer in California, far away from the time of this piece. "It's a pretty thing," Bing says. So true!

Close but no cigar 

AP: Stephen King offers online novel. "It could be a scary venture for publishers, who were eliminated from the process in this latest cyberspace venture."

It almost goes without saying that I like this a lot. It's a route-around of the first order. Nuke the middlemen, like this one..

Wired interviews Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. "Patents are not intended for defensive purposes only. The intent of the system is to give innovators a window to recoup their research and development costs, 20 years from the date of filing or 17 years from the date of issue, whichever is longer."

Oh my god, there's a bug in King's process. He wants me to go to Amazon to pay for it. No way.

2/28/00: No More Pesos for Senor Bezos.

The last King book I read, Hearts in Atlantis, a remembrance of the 60s, with the usual King supernatural twist.

Getting real 

I could skip a Stephen King novel. If this is Hollywood's answer to Napster, try again.

One more thing.

"Ask not what the Internet can do for you.."


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