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WSJ, others tune into Scripting News scoop 

WSJ: AOL takes down MP3 search engine. "America Online said that it would take down a controversial new search engine that for the past month has allowed Internet users to locate music files in the popular MP3 file format, including pirated versions of songs, on the Web."

Reuters and News.Com have the story too.

We had the story on July 14.

Adobe sues Macromedia 

Press Release: "Adobe will aggressively enforce its patent portfolio and protect the interests of its stockholders," said Colleen Pouliot, Adobe's senior vice president and general counsel. "To be fair, competition has to be based on a level playing field -- companies must compete on the basis of innovation and according to the laws of the land. All we ask is that Macromedia play by these rules and stop infringing our patent."

Frank Leahy, a former Apple engineer: "Another case of midgets getting obvious patents by standing on the shoulders of giants."

MetaFilter discussion on the Adobe patent.

Of course Macromedia says that Adobe's claim is BS.

Impetuousness pays off? 

A long long time ago a smart young guy, fresh out of Microsoft, told me to invest in a San Francisco networking company. Foolishly, I plunked down a bunch of money; I was a classic nouveau riche cashed out Silicon Valley entrepreneur, a sucker if there ever was one.

Over the years, the company struggled, took on more money, people came and went, I'd get FedEx packages every couple of years offering to sell me stock at ever-reduced prices.

So imagine my surprise, trawling around for something interesting to read, I found out that today was a very lucky day for yours truly!

Today's stories 

Liberzine: Making money in a copyright-free world.

CBS Marketwatch: "What would Garcia have thought of the furor involving Napster and organizations that make it possible for fans to download music off the Internet for free?"

Another episode in the glamorous life of Jeffrey Zeldman.

I tested Scour Exchange yesterday. It's a total ripoff of Napster. A few extra nice touches. Napster is still number one with me. It's funky and familiar.

Lance Knobel: "The assumption is that journalists will respect an embargo, even without prior agreement. That's not legally enforceable, of course, but it's the operating norm."

More on the copy protection rebellion of the mid-80s in two DG messages posted last night.

Wired: Blame it on the RIAA. "Last year the music labels successfully lobbied to insert in unrelated legislation a clause that prevents copyrights from reverting to their authors. Now, they've agreed with artists to recommend rescinding the change to copyright law."

ZDNet: Intel Likes Napster.

Boy Meets Girl 

They say there's no great writing on the Web.

Here's a story that many heterosexual men would love to tell about their ex-girlfriends.

A simple story. Boy Meets Girl, Chapter 4.

My friend's heart attack 

Yesterday I spent an hour on the phone hearing the riveting story of my friend's heart attack. While he told it, I rubbed my own heart. I had to keep telling myself "I'm not having a heart attack now, hearing this story won't hurt me."

He had the heart attack at Stanford Hospital, while they were trying to figure out what's wrong with his body. At one point he asked "What's going on?" The doctor said calmly "You're having a heart attack." I guess if you have to hear those words, that's the person you want to hear them from.

He's become something of a celebrity at Stanford. Imagine how long you have to wait, as a doctor, before a heart attack happens while a patient is hooked up to all the instruments.

They saved him. Cleaned out his circulatory system. Got his blood pressure down. Gave him all kinds of drugs and vitamins. Now he's exercising and eating better.

To me, the best thing is that my friend is now telling more about himself. Why not? If he hadn't been at the hospital when it happened, he'd be dead. More evidence that we don't get out of this alive. Don't wait. Do it now. There might not be a tomorrow.

If you made it this far, here's your reward, a piece of virtual cheesecake. No calories or fat.


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