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Emailing with Steve Wozniak this afternoon, it came up that he has patents. The conversation is continuing. This puts me in an awkward spot. I like Steve so much. But but. I hate patents.

Harmony Central: Who Needs Labels? "Established artists such as Michael Penn and Aimee Mann, as well as a younger bands like New York-based Ida, are ditching their old dreams and taking responsibility for their own future."

Flounder: "The end came suddenly this time. I was compiling kernels trying to get my PC card modem to work. After a long, long time I got to the stage where, when I inserted a card, my computer panicked and crashed. This was a major victory! Linux had previously ignored the existence of my slots altogether."

The What To Do About RSS thread continues. A man named Daryl says: "I've spent the past few months evangelising the wonders of RSS to non-technical web people, (e.g. Bands and online 'zine editors), as the format offers a lot of power for a minimal learning curve."

Pyra opens BlogSpot. "Blogger will publish to any web site, but if you don't already have one, BlogSpot makes it quick and easy to get started." I updated my Blogger site to see how it works, now I'm hosting on BlogSpot.Com. There's a banner ad, not sure how it got there. I also fixed a broken image and JavaScript bug in my template.

More blades of grass. Luc Vanden Abeele sends a screen shot of his Dutch site being edited in Manila.

Albert Delgado sends a screen shot showing how he chooses a new Theme for his Manila site.

Gregg Hartling sends a screen shot of him editing a story on his Manila weblog.

Sheila Simmons posting a picture to her weblog.

Edd Dumbill provides the correct name of the person who lead the RSS team at Netscape. It's "Eckart Walther". A Google search confirms that it's the correct spelling. I corrected yesterday's DaveNet, with thanks to Edd for his help.

I got an email from Amazon telling me that they plan to sell information about me to other people. I replied that I am no longer a customer and that they do not have permission to sell information about me. When I signed on they had a different policy. I asked them to delete all records pertaining to me from their database. Their response was to thank me for being a customer (again!) and to tell me how to check on the status of my non-existent order. Hey Doc, these guys are acting pretty clueless, don't you think?

Dan Peters ran the Austrian weblogs article through a translation engine. There's a quote of mine in there that I want to give some extra emphasis. "But in a world, in which nobody is annoyed, I would not like to live." Yup that sounds like me, translated to German and run through a translator program.

Steve Wozniak sent me a pointer to this SJ Merc article. Yes, the music industry doesn't like the Internet. That's not news. So what if they spend a lot of money promoting artists. Stop doing that, and then maybe people will look for artists that don't have big marketing budgets. I don't get it. No one forces them to spend the money. They can stop doing it right now as far as I'm concerned. I don't need fatcat moneygrubbing middlemen to tell me what music to love. I won't miss them when they're gone. "We'll all be working for an insurance company.'' Good idea.

Steve's also being inducted as an member of the Inventors Hall of Fame, which is run by people funded by the USPTO. (They need Manila.) I've been encouraging Steve to tell them how patents are ruining the future for technologists and inventors. There's no doubt that he deserves the honor. Steve is a role model for young technologists. A pure hacker genius with a big heart.

Just when you thought it was safe to whine.

Salon: "There's Adam Clymer -- major league asshole -- from the New York Times," Bush said. "Yeah, big time," returned Cheney. Score one for Gore.


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