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The thing that's so cool about.. 

Radio UserLanders, is that they're so enthusiastic!

Noodles, is if you search for them on Google, Andre's site is the first hit.

(His wiener schnitzel page is number three.)

Apple, is that they link to Frontier and Manila on their Development Tools page. Thanks!

Weblog people, is that they organize in cool ways.

Shit, is that it happens. Everyone's healthy, there's a new cooperative spirit, and if you know what I'm talking about, great, otherwise here's a nice piece of cheesecake.

W3C XML Protocol activity 

This morning I received an email from Tim Berners-Lee saying that the W3C will begin a new activity called XML Protocol. UserLand participated, along with 44 companies in defining the charter for this working group.

The process leading to the XML Protocol activity at the W3C was confidential. There came a point in the discussion where each participating company had to express their opinion re the formation of the working group. That came on August 18. I can only share my own opinion with you. This is what I said.

There are a lot of conclusions to draw today and probably in the coming weeks. For the next 1.5 years the W3C will be working in this area. In the meantime, we have two widely-deployed specifications for XML-based distributed computing, XML-RPC and SOAP. I have no doubt that this technology is relevant, and the W3C charter explains why.

The Web can grow significantly in power and scope if it is extended to support communication between applications, from one program to another. The purpose of this Working Group is to create a simple foundation to support the needs of such communicating applications.

That gets a 100-percent right on from Dave. As the process continues, I've come to appreciate the way the W3C works and am more and more impressed with the mind of TBL.

William Crimm expresses confusion about the charter of the working group, and I shed whatever light I can. I'm a total newbie here. Learning as I go.


TV Minder: TiVO is one jack short.

Steven Vore is a ThemeStream user.

Upside: Courtney Love demands some cash. "The Grammy Award-winning singer says she will turn the tables on Universal and ask a court to fine the company for stealing her music."

Interactive Week. " went from a brilliant, but flawed critic of the music industry to a dumb music pipe for the record labels practically overnight."

Tim Paustian reports on the Mac OS X version of Frontier. "We're getting close to beta!" Right on Tim. I like the timing on this. Assuming we can get to beta in the next few weeks, there should be a lot of Mac users wondering what's next.

David Detlefsen wants to operate his own My.UserLand to aggregate proprietary scientific information within his company.

Scouter is "the way for Mac users to connect to the massive Scour Exchange file-sharing community... finally! Someone had to do it. Way to go Gerrit!"

News.Com: Key Microsoft Exec Resigns. "Maritz's exit came less than six months after he was tapped to head the developer group and speed the introduction of the company's '.Net' initiative to rework its software for the Internet."

NME: "Fearing that petrol blockades may leave record stores short of copies in the post-Mercury sales rush, XL has made 'The Hour Of Bewilderbeast' available as a download. From Wednesday (20 September), the album will be available on for the cost of £9.99. It will be available in the Windows Media and Liquid Audio formats."

Linux.Com: Is the OSS Model Failing?

Lotus.Com: "There is one problem with the statement, open source projects manage themselves. It is not true. This article shows open source projects are about as far as you can get from self-organizing. In fact, these projects use strong central control, which is crucial to their success. "

Yesterday I received an email from Tim O'Reilly, once again interfering with what I say here on Scripting News, in DaveNet, and on public mail lists.

USA Today: "Of course, there is one potential solution. We could hand the whole XML movement over to Microsoft. It could then bulldoze the babble, set its own standard and force everyone else to conform. Then Microsoft would become as dominant on the Web as it now is on the PC."

"It's even worse than it appears."


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