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There's new life in the Syndication mail list, and today the aggregator.root working group got to work.

Check out how Novell is using RSS.

Fortune: "Rohit Khare is trying to save his company. He has burned through $300,000 in the last six months trying to get a new company off the ground, and he hasn't got much to show for it. He has no product, no revenues, no customers, no profits, and no hope of seeing any in the near future. All he has is a cool new technology and just enough money in the bank to cover one more week of payroll for his seven employees. He needs help -- and fast."

Name withheld: "I just heard a rumor from a good source. The Republican party is feeling that Cheney is a liability on the ticket. There's a rumor that a few weeks prior to the election in a desperate attempt to win, Cheney will resign because of a trumped-up heart problem or potential 'threat to his health.' Then either John McCain or Colin Powell will be asked to come on the ticket and save the party. This move is afoot in top circles and to try to squelch it please send this letter to as many people as you can."

Joel says he's never going to make his employees sign non-competes. Joel is a good man. Most states allow employers to add non-competes to employment agreements, that's basically slavery. One of the cool things about California, unless there's substantial renumeration, non-competes are unenforceable. I know because I had a non-compete once, when I sold my company to Symantec. They paid me a full salary while the non-compete was enforce. Not a bad deal, to be paid an exec salary for puttering around the house. Now it's different in Washington State, and I understand that non-competes are the usual thing at Microsoft. I'm surprised that the entrepreneurial employees at MS put up with it.

Bay Area Guardian reporter ejected from NAB convention in SF. "This is a group using the public airwaves, meeting in San Francisco's public convention center, in an annual conference to which they invited scores of reporters."

Time: Meet the Napster. Must-read.

Billboard: Columbia, Offspring Axe Free Download Plan. "Although no reason was given for the cancellation, sources told [Billboard] last week the free album offer may have violated the band's exclusive distribution deal with the label."

NY Times: The Middlemen of Content.

OpenCulture.Org is "a new way to make books and music freely available online, while making sure that artists get fairly compensated. Using the Internet to let sponsors pool their resources, we purchase the right to enjoy and redistribute works of art on behalf of the public."

Paul Sniveley: "This is ridiculous! It's yet another example of someone oversimplifying a complex problem and rushing to market with the oversimplified solution so as to accomplish the lock-in that they crave."

Weblogs that point to Behind the Curtain. "Watching them watch Garret linking to pictures that each of us created that everyone is viewing."

Karl Dubost: "The trademarks arise at W3C to avoid the possibility of private companies to use the names for business and make a pursuit against W3C. Silly in fact, you have to protect free things or free names against people not necessary nice."

Slate: "Why are Internet issues absent from what has been called the first presidential campaign of the new economy? One factor is the flow of high-tech money to both parties."

The Almost Notes thread continues. "Had Apple's APIs been cleaner or better documented, or provided better sample source, the vision that RU Is now delivering would have been part of Macintosh culture, probably would have been in MORE 2 or 3."


After yesterday's DaveNet piece I've been getting questions about the attributes in an outline element in OPML and how they relate to attributes in the Radio UserLand outliner. The purpose of this tutorial is to walk you through the way Radio UserLand manages these attributes.

Danny Goodman: "I've been doing some work blending XML with JavaScript/CSS/HTML, and your OPML format got my attention. I threw together some quickie demos based on your three sample outline documents." Thanks Danny!

SOAP news 

Microsoft, IBM, Ariba: WSDL 1.0. "WSDL is an XML format for describing network services as a set of endpoints operating on messages containing either document-oriented or procedure-oriented information."

Paul Kulchenko released v0.36 of SOAP::Lite for Perl.


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