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DaveNet: ebXML, SOAP and Apple.

If you're a baseball fan and in SF tomorrow, here's the chance of a lifetime to blow $600, and see the Mets beat the Giants in the first game of the playoffs. Our seats are in section 113, directly behind home plate. Row E, otherwise known as fifth row. And there's more! You'll be attending the game with Marc Canter and myself. Marc is the founder of Macromedia, and you know me. None of our friends want to spring for the $600, but these are the best seats in the house and the Mets are sure to win. Plus Marc will tell you all about interactive TV, and I'll bore you with my vision for P2P. Send me an email if you're interested.

Today's song: I can see clearly now.

John VanDyk's Metadata Plug-in now has a caching architecture. "This dramatically speeds up metadata macro operations."

Kate Adams has pointers to Mac developer mail lists.

News.Com: Japan warns Apple to stop pressuring retailers.

Segfault: "An anonymous source from Microsoft revealed today that the SOAP standard is a hoax. According to the source, SOAP has been a Microsoft in-joke for over a year."

NY Times report on yesterday's Napster hearing.

WSJ: Business-method patents controversy. "Tuesday, two House Democrats plan to offer a bill they say would make it easier and quicker to challenge business-method patents, in part by proposing a controversial step: making such patent applications publicly available, unlike applications for other types of patents. The bill would permit a challenger to present evidence why the patent shouldn’t be granted."

Network Computing: 10 most important people of the decade.

Andrea Frick: Reunification Day in Germany. "Even a few months before the wall came down, nobody would have dared to predict that a revolution like this was going to happen or even remotely possible, and it was even less probable that it was going to be a peaceful revolution without any bloodshed."

ThinkSecret: "Customers with 'cracked' Cubes were forced by Apple to sign nondisclosure agreements before receiving replacement units. These confidentiality documents, in very specific terms, stated that the customer could not discuss the issue with others or report it to any news source."

NY Times: "For years we stuck our head in the sand," said Kim Polese, chairwoman of Marimba, a software company, and a Gore supporter. "But we've changed. People in the Valley have clicked into politics." Good quote.

Evan Williams on Yahoo's advertising on eGroups.

Mail pages 

Remember the old mail pages on Scripting News? I retired them after opening the Discussion Group in October 1998.

Yesterday I worked on a new script running in Radio UserLand that does what the Mail Pages used to do. It's nice for me to let the DG take a rest. It's opened a bunch of possibilities that weren't there before.

I'm going to work some more on the feature this morning, and if all goes well, I'll send out a DaveNet later (on ebXML, SOAP and Apple, two mini-essays that ran on Scripting News in the last couple of days) and gather comments in a mail page.

People forget that the DG was controversial when it started. The mail pages were good. There's a reason why -- because there was a filter. Now that the tools have gotten better, they can do more of the work for me. And compared to being on the defensive every day, the work of the mail pages seems a lot nicer to me now after two years of michegas.

The Mail Pages are working 

It came together easily. Great tools make the difference.

Here's how it works. There's a new Mail Pages website. When I get an email that I think belongs on the site, I forward it to a special email account. Then, over in Radio UserLand, I choose a command from a new Tool I wrote this morning, it moves the email into an outline on my desktop. I do a little editing and cleanup and save. One command, and the site is updated.

The old system was more complex. It was also tightly bound to Eudora/Mac. The new system depends on email to do the interapplication transfer between my emailer and Radio UserLand.

So I'm using an Internet standard and a mail server running in Seattle to connect two apps on my desktop. It's pretty fast! (Rube Goldberg would love this.)

Wizzy editing fallout 

A colorful bug report from an EditThisPage.Com user.

Ken Dow on the same feature: "Just to be clear, I think this is an excellent and welcome feature, but it really needs to be under the Managing Editor's control."

They're both saying pretty much the same thing. After all these years, we can laugh when people take themselves too seriously, and appreciate people who show care, and see both sides. There's a lot of value in saying it nicely, but we can hear people even when they don't.


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