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Amy Wohl on today's Mail Page: "Apple once again finds themselves in the situation where they have too much of something they wanted to sell (the Cube), but which customers don't especially want to buy, and too little of popular products (iMacs and G4's)."

OK, the Mets didn't win today. That doesn't mean they lost. Think about it. How many teams with as deep a philosophy as the Mets are you aware of? I gave this some thought on the drive home from the game. Which teams actually have a philosophy? Most of them wouldn't know one if it hit them in the face. Seriously. The Mariners? Certainly not! The Giants? They can't make their minds up whether they play in the Polo Grounds, Candlestick or this new ballpark. Geez. Let me know when they figure it out. I can think of two teams, who, like the Mets, are philosophical: the Cubs and the Red Sox (which is fairly amazing since they're in the American League, which barely qualifies them as a baseball team at all). Unfortunately neither are in the playoffs this year. The Yankess? Oh give me a break. They're a dynasty, perhaps, but philosophers? No way.

BTW, Mariners fans delight in beating the White Sox two games in a row. A hollow victory. If you beat a team with no philosophy, what have you actually won?

Red Herring: "Conxion has built a veritable VIP customer base that includes Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, and CBS. Its founder and CEO Antonio Salerno spends part of each week fending off the behemoths attempting to take over his baby. What's the attraction? It's the service Conxion provides." Hmmm.

Signs of life on the Syndication mail list.

Upside: Court goes easy on Napster. "So because Napster is used for piracy, it can't be saved for other uses?"

I stumbled across this FAQ page at XML.Com, and before I read the answer I thought "I wonder what an XML browser would look like?"

OS Opinion: The failure of Linux. "Some software houses have been made to feel guilty about charging for their wares, as if their talent and effort are somehow less important than the will of the community. I think most experienced programmers would agree that it is not only silly but morally wrong to deny someone a fair price for a good product, and yet that is all too often what the Linux hordes do to smaller software companies."

News.Com: Red Hat talks big at open-source conference.

Business Week: Mac users on Mac OS X.

MacCentral: Apple hiring freeze. "I'm still proud to be part of this company," Jobs reportedly told employees.

Red Herring: ASP stands for Awful Stock Pick. "Stock prices for the few bold pure-play ASPs are reaching microscopic levels, and analysts are predicting that only a handful of today's ASPs will survive after a massive round of consolidation."

Hey, if you work at an ASP company, consider offering your customers Manila. They might love you for it.

Manila Managing Editors can now choose which browser-based editing tool is used on their site.

Radio UserLand: Tools and File Menu Callbacks.

I watched the presidential debate last night, and got so pissed at Al Gore, I wanted the moderator to tell him to shut up, or Bush to tell him to shut up, and they didn't so at times I yelled at Gore on the TV set. It didn't work. Gore's heavy sighs and chortles while Bush was speaking didn't win any points with me either. Bush was good. If he didn't kill so many Texans I'd probably vote for him. I can't stand the thought of Gore leading my country. BTW, presumably, the reason they didn't mention the death penalty is that Gore believes in it too. (So maybe I will vote for Bush.)

Brent Simmons: "If you were raised on the West Coast, just make a regular sandwich. You don't know what a good sandwich is, so it doesn't matter. Ignorance is bliss."


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