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P2P P2P -- We got P2P! 

DaveNet: P2P -- The Afterlife.

An observable number of people thought I was talking about Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. I wasn't but it makes sense in a way.

Advogato on P2P. "The distributed feel of the Web comes from the fact that the client aggregates all the Web servers in the world under a consistent interface with reasonable navigation between different servers. Why not a more distributed network, as envisioned by many hypertext visionaries?"

6/11/00: "One day the trend may be trend-free. That will be an interesting day, as we all struggle to prove that our software is 100 percent pure and free of all trends."

Reuters: INoize offers Napster Alternative. "[INoize is] different from other peer-to-peer networks because it allows sharing of streamed music only in a patent-pending encrypted framework as opposed to file copying."

Papa Doc continues to set new standards for excellence in webloggin. "So it's more and more apparent that in the new world we're building let's call it peer-with-peer, or PWP, to drop the preposition 2/two/to our primary sources are each other." Right on right on.


I missed most of tonight's Mets-Cards playoff game because I watched the debate between Gore and Bush.

I also missed the vice-presidential debate that everyone raved about last week, I had dinner with Doug Engelbart instead.

Tonight's debate was excellent. Bush spoke confidently about foreign policy, and echoed many of my beliefs. The US gets into trouble when we get arrogant. It's better to listen and participate. We're the Microsoft of world politics.

Gore was restrained, and I appreciate that, as a voter, and as a person who has trouble keeping quiet myself. From this I got that Gore wants to be President, more than he needs to be heard on every single point.

Gore mentioned Quayle, which I found in poor taste, Bush did not mention Clinton, which would have been fair. Gore cornered Bush on Texas' poor record on health insurance for children.

Bush also brought the death penalty into the discussion, shocking that an apparently intelligent person thinks killing people is a solution.

A lot of discussion about global warming. To me it seems there's nothing we can do about it. Bush pretty much said that.

(The Mets won, 6-2; the Yankees beat the Mariners, 7-1.)

Redesign continues 

I'm having a great time working with Bryan Bell on the redesign of our sites. Weblogs.Com is stable now, doesn't seem to be crashing anyone, please send mail if this is not true.

Today Bryan finished the first rev of the redesign of the DaveNet site and is working on Scripting News now.

Where will we go next? Not sure, we're playing it by ear.

The secret to success: Bryan knows Manila inside-out. And he has a UserLand-compatible attitude.

Uncategorized stuff 

Mark Aldritt: JavaScript OSA 1.0b7. Mac OS X Native.

More great mail.

Cobalt announces the Qube 3. (Luke discusses it.)

New sample script reads all the XML files in the Netscape 6 folder into a table structure in Radio UserLand or Frontier.

Jorn Barger on Jakob Nielsen.

Dan Gillmor's weblog is growing in readership at an enormous rate. It's been #2 on the most read sites for the last week.

Someday not having a personal website will be like not having a personal business card.

Salon, Alan, Kate, Steve and me 

Salon is running excerpts from Alan Deutschman's upcoming book about Steve Jobs.

"'Hi, this is Steve Jobs. I'd like to get together and chat with you.' Steve's voice sounded cheerful. What did he want? Was this some management theory of his, calling random midlevel employees and picking their brains for a while? Or was he pissed off by the DaveNet column?"

Poor Kate Adams, she was interviewed for the book, and Kate is a very honest and direct person, and a great writer, and get this, she's working at Apple again.

If Steve reads this, Kate is no longer a source for me, and we're working on a Mac OS X version of our software, which should come at an interesting time for Apple.

Upside: Religious themes dominate 'Second Coming'.

PS: After much surfing, I found the story Kate wrote that made it into Alan's book. Note that her name doesn't appear in it, so I couldn't find it by searching for her name. Doh!

A new UI 

OK, first the bad news. The user interface for the Manila DG has always sucked. (Our focus was on the CMS.)

Now the good news. It's on its way to not sucking as much.

Jake has been working behind the scenes on a new topic-based interface, more like other Web-based discussion groups.

It's deployed on the Radio UserLand site, as an experiment and to get feedback.

After we test it a bit, we'll roll it out to all UserLand-hosted Manila sites.


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