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Tucker Goodrich: "Yes, I was a little surprised when I saw [the NY Times redesign], but not as shocked as by the new Scripting.Com site!"

Yes we did a redesign. BTW, in case you don't know, the catcus is a recurring theme in UserLand products and on Scripting News. It made a brief disappearance, but now it's back in all its glory, in a cute cartoonish style, with muscles! As I said a few days ago Bryan is totally 100 percent UserLand-compatible. I love the redesign, and believe me this is not the last site we're going to re-do. I have my eye on the top of the pyramid, a site that's going to blow you away, when we're done, but I don't want to spoil the fun, we'll keep the suspense up for a bit.

Survey: Do you like the redesign?

The Mets beat the Cards 10-6. The Mariners beat the Yankees, 6-2.

I've also retired the Scripting News slogan Ask not what the Internet can do for you.. It's still an important guideline, but it's had a long run, I won't forget it, I hope you won't either. The new slogan is a familiar friend, it's a perfect message to send to someone who's getting ready to flame. "I know the rent is in arrears, etc." I'm using it in my email sig too. I hope to have an artistic collage to go along with it, as with the Internet one.

Another BTW, if you don't love the new design, you can bookmark the low bandwidth version of Scripting News.

Here's what Scripting News looked like last summer. (With broken picture links.) Here's one from May 1998. Here's a header from 1998 (Marc Canter did it in a few minutes in PhotoShop.) Now I think this is the very first graphic header I ever did. Designed to look cheesy, and it did look cheesy, don't you think? Here's a Scripting News from August 1997. And one from June 1997. The most popular pages on 6/26/97.

Shawn Fanning: "Good morning, Senator Hatch. Thank you for inviting me for my first visit to Utah and my first appearance before a Congressional committee."

Bryan Bell: "I think I got the Weblogs design under control now. I worked hard to get it to fit in an 800 pixel wide screen." Thanks Bryan!

Now there's still pushback on the Weblogs.Com upgrade from people who use old versions of Netscape, which according to euroblogs (is that arf?) can't handle nested tables without locking up the machine for a minute (why not switch browsers?) so I put together a very plain favorites page for Weblogs.Com users with old browsers. I know there's irony, I hate it when the NY Times upgrades their site (see below) but we must make our sites beautiful to be competitive in the race to get weblogs to the moon and beyond. We must do it. There's no going back.

Oy they changed the design of the NY Times website. My brief op-ed. This is a software issue. I learned how to use the old site. You're penalizing me for being an everyday user. This is how software users feel when you shuffle things around. It's when they start thinking about switching brands. (Fortunately for the Times, there's no chance of that, I'm hooked, a lifetime reader.)

Thanks to Rohit for the pointer to this Guardian article on AmIHotOrNot? I registered, so you can rate me too.

I got tired of seeing the old Pike button in various places in the Manila user interface. (Pike is the old name for Radio UserLand, we changed it because there was a scripting language named Pike.)

So I replaced it with the Radio UserLand dude, courtesy of Zeldman. Unfortunately a lot of code includes it with the old height so it gets all smooshed. No problem, we have a content management system, so the glitch shouldn't stick around all that long.


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