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This is frustrating. My hard disk crashed this afternoon. Five wasted hours, followed by many more hours (tomorrow) restoring bookmarks and settings and sigs, getting back all my cookies, getting everything working again. While I was getting it back up, I was emailing with Doc from my laptop.
Thanks for responding to my pushback. Happy to talk about it. Right after posting all that stff my hard drive crashed (W2K). The problem is that ALL SOFTWARE SUCKS and we should all be working together to make it not suck. The open sorce gys are dreaming if they think they can do it all. Jean Louis Gassee once said sell what yo have (My U key is really flaky on this laptop). So until open source can deliver all that you need, yo're selling yorself out by saying open source rah rah rah. I love you Doc, keep on trckin.
This is exciting. I bought tickets to go to NY. Leaving Monday. I'll go to a big press event on Tuesday, and see the Mets play on Thursday. Friday I fly to Miami, strictly for pleasure. We should finally be able to do a Scripting News dinner in NY. Wednesday night? Someplace with a TV so we can watch the Mets kill the Yankees.

This is revealing. Talked with my mom today about baseball (she's in NY, a former Dodgers fan, an original Mets fan, like me and everyone else in our family, it's the one thing we all agree on). She says she hates the Yankees too. Why? Because they were an all-white team when Jackie Robinson was breaking the color barrier with the Dodgers. I gotta go with her on that. The Yankees have no soul. Obviously.

This is painful. My wisdom teeth which I keep on postponing dealing with are not happy. My face feels swollen. This is because I'm planning a big trip.

This is embarassing. I searched for Manila, and our Manila came up before the one in the Philippines. Another embarassing search. I looked for "easy browser-based content management" and Manila was nowhere to be found. Ooops.

I'm participating in a very intellectual conversation on NetDyslexia. Not!

Waiting for the World Series to start. Tomorrow.

Waiting for the rain to start. Any minute.

One incredibly easy way to kill a mail list.

Doc Searls on the Internet: "Who wired it? Try the open source development community, including the free software movement from which it grew. If you want to see a model of a craft-driven world in which every 'worker' is a free, autonomous and effective agent, there it is." Oy.

Some people misunderstood my comment above. "Oy" is a statement of disapproval. Doc writes for a Linux pub. I guess he has to make it seem as if open source developers saved the software world, and that open source projects are some kind of utopia. It's unrealistic. What's real? Doc uses a lot of software that's not open source. In fact, most usable software is not open source. While I admire and love Doc, and was cheering his piece about Nader (what a fool) I think Doc puts on the blinders for his bosses, like so many do. So there!

This is why I value Doc as a friend.

I decided to set an example and made a list of software I use, in frequency and whether it is open source or not.

Soundbitten: How Scient helped go from launch to bankruptcy in less than 60 days. What a shame. Instead of spending millions with Scient for a one-off CMS that didn't work, they could have gotten Frontier for $899 and been writing stories in a couple of hours.

Wired: Computers, Real Cheap! "Jim Willard was watering his front yard when he first had the idea for the paper computer."

CNN: "'We went into it with our eyes wide open,' said Dan Beldy, a Hummer Winblad partner. Beldy was referring to the Silicon Valley venture firm's decision to take an ownership stake in San Mateo-based Napster last May."

The Standard: "At a September campaign stop in Sunnyvale, Calif., Gore was working a rope line when he spotted a guy holding a handheld device. 'Wow, is this the new Handspring Visor?' he said, grabbing it. 'Is it a beta version? Has it shipped yet?'"

Angus Glashier is back. It was the wizzy editor that did the trick.

Jeff Walsh on yesterday's DaveNet.

To Jeff: It is a blessing to own your own time. I hope I didn't say that TM isn't worth having, it is worth having. Owning my own time is great. But I could own my own time with less money, I know that because I have always been this way. At times I get sucked into doing things I don't want to do, but even when I was broke I generally did what I wanted to do. However I've never felt secure. But I thought if I had a lot of money I would feel secure. Oooops, as they say.

James Vornov: "Obviously, when you control wealth you have power to direct the use of that wealth. You can build schools, fund research, help the poor."

To James: People don't love people who have so much money that they can build schools, in fact they generally despise them (they still take the money). Better to use your vote to create government that builds good schools. In any case, James doesn't respond to the point of the piece. Money doesn't buy security. Buying schools, funding research and helping the poor won't make you feel secure either.

More mail.

Today's song: Que Sera Sera. (It's on Napster, totally worth singing along with.)


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