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DaveNet: Virtual Bandwidth.

NY Times: Napster users mourn end of free music. "This is the end, my only friend, the end," wrote the fan, "No. 5446," quoting The Doors. "It hurts to set you free, but you'll never follow me."

Reuters: Bertelsmann, Napster to Develop Music Service. "Under terms of the deal, Bertelsmann, parent of one of the five major music companies that is suing Napster for copyright infringement, agreed to withdraw its lawsuit once Napster successfully introduces the new membership-based service."

I received a copy of an email from Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Middlehoff. "The deal with Napster is courageous and visionary. Bertelsmann will no doubt be commended for it, but also criticized, and we have to be prepared for that. I am fully convinced that we're doing the right thing."

On the Pho list, a general consensus that the Bertelsmann deal is a no-op. What changed? Bertelsmann said they will work with Napster after the court case is settled and Napster is operating a legal service. So what really happened?

Evan Williams reports that there are 12,355 new Blogger sites this month. Breath-taking. Congratulations to the Pyra folk from the little-guys!

One thing I've learned is that when someone rises to the top of something it's not an accident. Too many times people believe that it was a fluke, or they kissed up to someone or slept with someone, but I've been around enough people who get somewhere and have learned that it's better to assume those people know what they're doing. The Blogger folk are smart. I haven't missed that. Keep on truckin.

BTW, we still love all the Manila sites. Speaking of love, I met the Cabinet guy at the NY Scripting News dinner. It's a New York site. More great stuff there, always.

New channel: Jabber Central.

Yesterday I moved the tagline one hop off the home page. With lots of new visitors, I felt it was more important to explain what Scripting News is. So when you click on the link in the tagline-spot, you'll get to the new What Is Scripting News? page. I've bookmarked that page so it's easy for me to update.

Russ Lipton on Groove applications, including models for UserLand stuff in the context of Groove. (Disclaimer, I don't see any point in porting Frontier into Groove, that would be monumental, and not particularly interesting to me. Much more interested in integration technologies, XML-RPC, SOAP, COM.)

I finally downloaded and installed the Groove software. I'm curious -- has anyone on the Net gone contrarian to the consensus that Groove is heavy-duty? I know I'm supposed to look deeper. The demo apps are uninspiring. I know Ray said they would be. What's the hook? How do I get started using it?

Wired: "The news couldn't be more shocking if the Catholic church suddenly announced it was embracing contraception: Apple is moving to a two-button mouse."

New weblog: Chicken Soup for the Zombie Soul. "Ha! I love Halloween, the living think we're just wearing good costumes! You can walk right up to them and start eating their brains, and they'll think you're just putting on a show!"

Brian Ablaza reported a bizarre and scary problem, probably related to a bug in Apple Events on Mac OS. A fascinating discussion followed.

Mike Carney started his weblog in June 1997.

If you love baseball, is for you. What a resource! Wow.

If you love money, the CEO Wealth Meter is for you. That's a lot of money! Wow. (It's actually kind of interesting. You could send John Warnock an email and congratulate him for making more than $13 million today. How many people do you know who you could send that kind of email to? I wonder if this makes him happy? Hey Michael Dell made over $382 million today. Not bad. Larry Ellison made over $3 billion today. Yowsa.)

Edd Dumbill: P2P may succeed where tired web apps fail. I want to defend the Web apps. So few people know how good it can be. I hate to see companies do one-off CMSes. I hate to see whole communities waste tons of time because their favorite religion hasn't produced the software they want. We're going to be using the Web for a long time to come. I think the tiredness comes from expectation that the solutions are going to come in a certain way from a certain group of people.

Hey Brent popped through, the Mac OS X software is now running Manila.


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