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Survey: If the US presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?

Classic Menu "brings the Mac OS menubar back to Mac OS X. It provides both an Apple menu on the left of the menu bar and a Process menu on the right."

Happy Birthday to Tomalak's Realm. Has it already been two years? Many happy returns!

Clay Shirky: "Napster demonstrated how easily and cheaply music could be distributed by people who did not have a vested interest in preserving inefficiency. This in turn reduced the industry to calling music lovers 'pirates' (even though Napster users weren't in it for the money, surely the definition of piracy), or trying to 'educate' us about about why we should be happy to pay as much for downloaded files as for a CD (because it was costing them so much to make downloaded music inconvenient)."

I love Sprezzatura.

New activity in the discussion group on

18 lucky people have weblogs that get them laid.

Edd Dumbill: A primer on The Semantic Web.

It's been a long time since I looked at the list of all the Weblog Banner Ads. I'm working on something similar today, turning the Manila badge into an ad so we can track impressions and click-throughs. We want to know which sites are contributing the most to making Manila famous. This time I made it more general, so we can add other badges by just adding a table to a guest database.

I added a new section to the What is Scripting News? page.

NY Times editorial on the Napster-Bertelsmann deal. "No one yet knows the ideal way to preserve copyright protection in the digital age. So the best course for now is to support copyright holders while leaving room for technological development. That is precisely what the Napster-Bertelsmann deal promises."

I'm actually kind of bummed about the industrification of Napster. They're going to miss the big apps that could happen if we could freely play with music on the Net. Napster just captures one mode of music use on the Internet. I really really still want to have a song of the day on Scripting News. It would just play when you come here. Don't worry about the bandwidth, it's a perfect bootstrap for the Virtual Bandwidth idea we've been kicking around. I'd choose the song, and that would create an XML file, and in the middle of the night your machine would download the MP3 it points to, to your last-yard system.

German publishing system uses XML-RPC. "We`re running the whole thing, including an image database with a lot of data traffic, on XML-RPC." Nice.

Reading onfocus, a weblog from one of the Pyra folk, I'm reminded that I used to like going to trade shows. I remember the first one Living Videotext went to, it must have been Comdex in Las Vegas in 1983. We were so young, we glowed, the excitement was so real. Over the years I came to hate trade shows. Now it's nice to enjoy their enthusiasm, vicariously. I'm going to have to think about why I hate trade shows. Maybe I don't anymore?

I walked into InternetWorld in NY last week, walked out in a minute (before paying the $50), sat down outside (the weather was gorgeous for October in NY) and asked myself if I really wanted to go back in. I decided I didn't and went back to my hotel, changed into my shorts and a t-shirt and went on a three hour walk around Manhattan. Much more interesting and I got some exercise too!

On my walk yesterday I heard a political commercial for a local California race, the narrator was Bill Clinton. What surprised me was how much I liked hearing his voice. Now you gotta know I don't like Bill Clinton, or so I thought. When I think of voting against Gore it's largely (I find by probing my psyche) a vote against Clinton. So this tells you how bad both Bush and Gore are. To me, they make Clinton look good. Oy.

Another reason why I want to vote against Gore. He's connected to the people in Silicon Valley, who in my humble opinion, have done the most damage to the technical culture of the software industry. I want to vote against these people, the more powerful they get in Washington, the more my creative work will be subject to their lunacy. A vote for Bush is of course, no answer to this. He's probably even worse, even though he hasn't been coming to the Valley for as long as Gore has.

Another political note. I love The West Wing. I'd vote for any of them for President, esp the cute blonde Republican who got a job at the Democrat White House in last night's episode. Or CJ, who told the retiring General where to shove it. (Yes, I know it's a TV show.)


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