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Lloyd Nebres: "Now, the web itself becomes the creative tool, as well as the medium of communication. This means one less level of abstraction on the way to really connecting with people via the web."

Wes Felter: "It looks like BXXP is on its way to being a Proposed Standard; that must be some kind of IETF speed record."

No doubt we'll do a Scripting News dinner in New Orleans in early December. This is just a reminder to me and anyone else who's going to be at the Builder.Com or Fawcette conferences, I'm speaking three times. Giving a 1.5 hour keynote on SOAP and XML-RPC. I love New Orleans, so many cool places to eat. Maybe this time we'll have a dinner at an moderately expensive restaurant. It pays to plan this one ahead, reservations might be tricky. Brent is coming too.

Survey: I want to have a Scripting News dinner in New Orleans in early December, to concide with the Builder.Com and Fawcette conferences. Will you participate?

NY Times: Copyright Office Issues Unusual Rule. "It is hard to see how we can have a congressionally-mandated secret system of censorship."

MSNBC: Partnering with the enemy. "While some kids his age dressed up in costumes the way other 19-year olds do on Halloween, Napster founder Shawn Fanning donned a suit at a press conference at a swank hotel in New York City Tuesday, making a deal with the devil who masqueraded as record company executives."

Edd Dumbill: XML Protocol Technology Reference.

I'm back to listening to KFOG. They're playing a song that I don't have. I'd like to have a button I can click somewhere to have that song downloaded into the my MP3 folder. Another unexplored mode for music on the Net.

Yesterday Jake spent a half-day looking into Jabber, to see what it would take to implement it in Radio UserLand. To my surprise, Jabber appears not to be P2P. There's a central server that's doing all the message routing. This post is a reality-check. If this is not true, please send me email.

Mail Starting 11/03/00 is about Jabber.

The redesign of the XML-RPC site is done. The theme is slightly different from the other new UserLand sites. We didn't put the cactus in this one. We also decided not to make the theme about space or the moon. An earlier version had an American flag, which I vetoed (most of the XML-RPC implementations are from Europe). We went for a different background, a picture of the United Nations, and where the cactus would appear, a dove with an olive branch. Might as well get the politics right as we add the glitz and glamor.

BTW, XML-RPC is totally P2P. That rhymes!

David Brown: "I found out last night that a good friend of mine had died in his sleep last Saturday. The shocking part was that he was 38."

Linking Groove and Radio 

To the people who are studying Groove, can you get it to spit out a string via XML-RPC every time someone adds something to a chat session? If so we can get a transcript of a chat session to flow through our CMS, I'd link it up to a single copy of Radio UserLand in an outline so it could be massaged into a document.

Who's pointing to me? 

We have a new feature today for all Manila sites, UserLand-hosted or otherwise.

We call this feature Referers. We mis-spelled it the same way the browser guys did. If you run a Manila site, ever wonder how people found their way to you? Well, now you can tell. In the stats section of your site there's a new page called referers that ranks the referer links for the last 24 hours. The page is re-built no more than once an hour.

Here's a link to the referers page on my personal ETP site. It's always interesting to see how the search engines get people to your site. Some more. MattyG, XML-RPC.Com, Weblogs.Com, ZopeNewbies, Doc Searls, Adam Curry.

Who's helping Manila? 

I did a re-order of the "exit links" in the left column on Scripting News, favoring sites that include the Manila badge. We have a Web app that ranks such sites.

It's easy to include the badge in your site. If your site is on a UserLand server, just include the words "This is a Manila Site" in double-quotes in your template. If your Manila site is not on a UserLand server, no problemmo, just include this script tag.

<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>


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