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Election returns 

Michigan, Pennsylvania called for Gore.

Reuters: Bush refuses to concede Pennsylvania, Florida.

The networks are taking back their call of a Gore win in Florida. Never seen this happen before. Fascinating.

Hillary Clinton wins the NY Senate race.

All over the Web the election returns pages show up. CNN's home page has a grid on it. The NY Times has a special election returns website and a map. Washington Post has returns on the home page. ABC has an excellent map. NPR has a map on the home page and an audio feed. As promised the Washington Post has a table showing the calls by each of the major networks. Yahoo has an election return page. MSNBC is slow. C-SPAN has an excellent map (rollovers).

Ananova.Com: Early polls show Gore set for victory. "[Exit polls] point to wins for Mr Gore in the key swing states of Michigan and Florida by between 2% and 3% of the vote."

Election Day 

DaveNet: Election Day in the USA. is reporting on the election, weblog style.

I wonder if anyone has an XML feed of the state-by-state returns?

CNN: Viewer's guide to election night. "Welcome to CNN election night 2000. I will be your guide. Here are the stories we'll be reporting, hour by hour, as the night goes on. All times are Eastern."

Brill's Content: Blocking the Exits. "In the early afternoon -- when the first round of exit-poll results is released to 100-odd media organizations -- just about everyone in the national press corps will know whether Bush or Gore is leading, and nearly every Washington politician and staffer will know, too. But the public will not."

If exit polls are released early, I will point to them from this site. I want the most information as soon as it's available.

Survey: Who will win today's Presidential election?

OK, now it's time for me to put my stake in the ground. I think Gore will win. After all the arguments and reasons, basically the Democratic Party still has a majority in this country. The economy is in good shape. It's Gore's election to lose. My bet is that when people cast their vote, enough will vote for Gore to elect him as the next president.

As an experiment, I've temporarily re-opened the UserLand discussion group. Please read the intro message carefully before posting. Thanks.

Dan Hartung: "As keyheads, as political junkies, as election wonks, this is the Big Show, the center ring, the main stage. We're fortunate to be experiencing the closest election in years. I suspect this may lead to a massive surge in voter turnout compared to recent trends, and whoever wins, that's probably more important for the long-term health of our federal republic."

Kate Adams and Josh Lucas voted for Nader.

Keola posted a survey that asks voters to register their state of mind, or stomach.

Philly Future: "Pennsylvania is a key up for grabs state!"

Hotline Scoop has a good election returns interface.

The American Bar Association has a similar interface.

Washington Post: "OnPolitics will report how each of the major television networks is calling the presidential race state-by-state right here, in real time with commentary by Washington Post staff writer Charles Babington. It's just like watching TV, but without the commercials."

Larry Magid has a California voter's information page with links to election return sites.

Other stuff 

A new company we're friends with is getting ready to launch a new search engine, an interesting one, and they offered us a free ad on the service when they launch. So Bryan put together a nice animated GIF that has a time-delay effect that kind of sneaks up on you. I like it, because it happened quickly, and because it's sneaky. BTW, it's OK if you want to put that GIF on your site, if you like Scripting News and want to help us build flow.

Chris Locke in Publish: Micromedia. "Dave Winer created to advance the phenomenon, which is currently exploding across the net like a viral pandemic."

Sam Whitmore: "By day's end, PR pros were walking to the floor mike and presenting product pitches to a tribunal of editors from Upside, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal Interactive. Right out of the Christians and Lions: the thumbs sometimes went up, but usually they went down."

Close the Loop: "Why you would go to the trouble of doing browser based application development and then totally tie yourself to Microsoft's technology?" Exactly.

QuickTopic has an XML-RPC interface.

Motley Fool: "If you were the CEO of how would you save the floundering company? That's what we asked Fool readers back on October 17th and more than 700 of them entered our Save Priceline contest."

According to Joel Spolsky there's an article about weblogs in the November 13 New Yorker. He says EditThisPage.Com got a mention.

Two teasers. The Timeless Weblog project is going nicely. And in early December we're going to roll out the first SOAP-based Web application. Enough waiting. It's time for a new revolution.


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