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Directories and Manila 

As I learn more about directories, I realized that I want to first do small directories that are part of Manila sites, before attempting to create a root directory.

I want to do a directory for Scripting News while other people in the Radio UserLand community explore directories in their own Manila sites.

While these public small directories are coming online, I will point to interesting ones on Scripting News, get the ideas exchanging, tap into the competitive spirit.

With that in mind, today we're ready to show what we've been working on. It's a new feature for Manila, it allows you to use the Radio outliner to create and edit directories.

How to: Radio as a Manila directory editing tool.

Here's a random page from my example directory.

I know it's the day before a major US holiday, so I will repeat all this stuff on Scripting News in the coming weeks. This is an important part of a corner-turn for Radio UserLand. We're hooking the outliner up to Manila, with a documented protocol and format.

An exciting endorsement 

WebCrossing and XML-RPC. "XML-RPC allows you to share resources from your Web Crossing server, and to let your Web Crossing server access shared resources from other servers. Web Crossing has the built-in ability to act as both an XML-RPC server and client."

The WebCrossing XML-RPC interface is documented here.

New stuff 

Matt Neuburg has a new docs page on Radio UserLand Tools.

The Standard: "The prevalence of Minitel gives French people a way to conduct their business online and has slowed Internet adoption there. On the other hand, the network has created a high level of online literacy in France, in turn creating opportunities for Internet companies."

Joel Spolsky, the famous software developer behind Joel on Software has shipped a new product, browser-based group bug-tracking software called FogBugz. Mazel tov!

Survey: How do you feel about the holidays?

Are you a geek or looking for geeks? Then this site is for you.

Survey: Have you ever edited XML text?

Reprieve from patents? 

Good news for creative freedom on the Internet. Walker was a patent mill, mostly lawyers, a few technologists, their goal was to put roadblocks in front of creativity, patenting obvious things that had already been invented in other contexts. Glad to see it failed to get support from investors. Maybe it's time for a new slogan. "Sometimes it's not as bad as it appears."

Two views 

Charles Krauthammer: "What is the least fair procedure one could possibly devise for determining the winner? The one Gore is pursuing relentlessly in the Florida courts: The selective culling of Democratic votes by Democratic arbiters from heavily Democratic districts."

Maureen Dowd: "W., on the other hand, will take his feather pillow, go into the study off the Oval Office with Spot and his video golf game, order up some PB&J sandwiches and ask Daddy and Jimmy and Jebby and Condi, as Robert Redford said in 'The Candidate,' 'What do we do now?'"

Coup d'etat in Florida? 

The Florida Supreme Court, if it had been rational and non-partisan, would have cleared up the distinction between "should" and "may" and left it at that.

Without being a lawyer, just a humble member of the US electorate, who voted for Gore, I think the Florida Supreme Court is way over the line, they're trying a coup d'etat.

The US Supreme Court must take this case quickly and overturn the Florida court and validate the authority of the executive and legislative branches of the Florida government.

The talk on TV this morning is of the Florida legislature meeting to reaffirm their power to set the laws governing the election process. I support this. The Supreme Court in Florida is way over the line. They've taken power away from the executive, power that's clearly granted, for good reasons, in the laws of the State of Florida.

It's bad. If they had gone the other way, we would be moving forward now, instead of going deeper into the quagmire. When will one of our branches of government truly take responsibility for clear non-partisan decision-making?

What was Gore thinking when he was preparing to concede on election night? How much has changed.

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