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DaveNet: Wag the Dog II?

Mail starting 11/26/00.

Reuters: Florida Official Declares Bush the Winner.

All elections have errors, even minor frauds. The Florida election was a tie. I want this michegas to be over, there's nothing left to learn. I'm tired of the disrespect the politicians of both parties show for our intelligence. I hold Lieberman in esp low regard because he's a Jew and should know better (I'm Jewish myself) and because he was supposed to bring honor to the Democrat ticket. Lieberman says he wants all votes to count. His actions indicate otherwise. Shame on him, shame on every adult who lies at a time like this. Lieberman should have a talk with his rabbi.

I remind you all that I accept defeat. I rode the 7 train with Yankees fans who gloated while Mets fans were in tears. Myself, I shrugged my shoulders and stood with pride because my team had a good philsophy, which allowed for losing. Wait till next year.

And I still think Katherine Harris, who is not Jewish, is hot!

8/23/96: "I learned a long time ago, when Deborah Norville did the early morning news on NBC, there's nothing sexier than a smart female with a clever smile surrounded by old corny males who are in love with her."

Now we return to our regularly scheduled program.

Brent posted directories for Linux and Mac OS X.

WebReference: Expandable Outlines.

Black Hole Brain spotted a UFO flying above Garret's new house. Wow!

We now have a logo for a new site we're working on, that will tie together many of the OPML directories people are working on. Having a logo of course is not the same thing as having the site ready to roll out. We're doing this site to put a friendly face on the directory structures created "behind the scenes" by Scripting News people. Others can build directory portals in any other scripting environment running on the Web, or even in a P2P way, in software running on the user's desktop machine. All you have to do is figure out OPML and inclusion. It's interesting computer science, not super-hard programming, a good two-weekend project for a scripter who knows PHP or Zope or Cold Fusion, or whatever you like. I like Frontier, so that's why I wrote it there, first.

Doc's friend Craig Burton talks about the Internet as a donut. It's got stuff at the edges and is hollow in the middle. I know we're writing ourselves out of exclusivity in OPML's future by evangelizing it to tools developers and server people. I'm betting that our authoring tools and server stuff will do well with competition. A rising tide raises all ships. Ask not what the Internet can do for you, etc.

Other new stuff in the pipe. We're starting a site for Python scripts that do interesting things with SOAP and XML-RPC. The next-generation EditThisPage.Com should come online next week, probably tomorrow. "Piking Behind Firewalls," with new code for both Manila and Radio, is almost ready to go. It allows the Radio outliner to write stories, do weblogs and directories for Manila sites, even if they're behind one of those nasty dreaded firewalls.

Brent found sample code for a Java outline displayer. He says "It doesn't understand OPML, but I bet you could teach it."

Stan Krute is looking for help with DLLs in Radio.

The AppleSurf Reader has become a mainstay of mine.

What is ClickGarden? What is Spellchecker.Net? What is The Informant?

grrl.EditThisPage: "How does one grieve, and then recover, from not being truly known by one's parents?"

In the midst of the escalating election michegas, Mr. Rogers retired, but according NPR, he's going to do more on his website. That's cool. Hey, if the Supreme Court gets too partisan, maybe we should ask Mr. Rogers what to do? I bet he'd have a great song.

Check out what's going on in Germany. Brrr.


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