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Happy Birthday EditThisPage.Com!

Doc recalls our phone coversation this afternoon. The metaphor of user interface as a rental car really has legs. And he almost got what I said. I used the word "sucks" instead of "subtracts." And I said "it encounters" instead of "exists". Very close. Someday I'm going to be on a stage with Doc and an audience bantering. We'll invite Clay Shirky to join us and have a good old time. I love rambling with smart meme-hackers like Doc and Clay.

OK I lied! (Sue me.) I said today was a Total Writing Day. It wasn't. I got to spend some time programming. I'll clue you in tomorrow. A new feature for Manila. Not on anyone's feature request list as far as I know. I like it. (You already knew that.)

After today's court decisions, it seems like it's time once again to ask this question..

Survey: Should Gore Concede?

Is it just me or are a lot of people imitating David Boies in mannerism and speech pattern? I don't know. I find myself nodding agreeably as I prepare to interrupt someone. Hmmm, I'll have to think about this.

This could catch on: The Bush Blog.

Good morning and welcome to Total Writing Day #3. This will be the last in the series. Tomorrow is clean up day, and Wednesday is travel day. Off to New Orleans to the Fawcette eDevCon conference where I'm keynoting on Friday, talking about SOAP and XML-RPC.

Scott Hansen has a crazy on-topic idea about connecting a Python outliner with Manila through XML-RPC. This is the kind of crazy idea that I yearn to see implemented!

Steven Levy: "The folks who gave PCs mice and menus are back with some new tricks."

From the Telegraphy Department. Buried on Radio's It Supports Standards page is a curious sentence. "This will be used in constructing P2P user environments running in Radio." We're working on such an application with a developer of popular Web apps.

Business 2.0: Big Music Fights Back.

Continuing the standards thread, I wrote the first draft of the Developer Opportunities page for the Radio UserLand site. "It's hard to imagine a Web application that couldn't benefit from an interface to Radio."

New section on the outliner page, Linking and The World Outline. Sorry to have to bury this so deeply. It's the killer app lurking inside Radio. A seed-plant for the future.

Ira Blanco: "I've been using Illustrator 9 for about six months now, and I just realized why the new layers interface is so cool. It's an outliner!"

New site: SSL and Manila.

Batik is a "Java based toolkit for applications that want to use images in the SVG format for various purposes, such as viewing, generation or manipulation."

Wired wants for nominations for Vaporware of Y2K.

Jean-Louis Gassee: "The way people communicate in the US is not always compatible with the way we do. French people are a bit rebellious, abrasive, as Americans say, which is seen as something negative here." Yo, Uncle JL, ex-NYers have the same problem in Silicon Valley! It's not a US thing. The California psyche is insecure. Doesn't deal easily with strong confident personalities. Kind of a conundrum, since the folklore says that entrepreneurs are abrasive. Disconnect.

We have a new publisher at XML Magazine, a friend from the Mac days, Jeannine Barnard. She rose through the ranks at Ziff, then became publisher of NextWorld (a funny name for a magazine, you could call it AfterLife). I had dinner with Jeannine last week, we talked about community and how nice it was in the early days of the Macintosh, people were so helpful, there was a good new idea every five minutes, or so it seemed. That's why she came back to publishing after a long period in software. She hopes XML will spawn a similar community. Me too!

I wrote one of my best columns for XML Mag, but this time I'm not going to release it on the Web until it's in print. I'm getting an appreciation for competition among tech pubs.

Lance is working on Davos A to Z. It's that time of year again. Hey I just realized he must be using Radio to do that page. Nice! Today he has comments on what it's like to be a member of a community that generates over 200 email messages in two days.


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