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Jakob Nielsen: WAP Doesn't Work. I concluded the same thing in our "field study" at Davos this year. It wasn't any fun to use, and it wasn't any fun to write for. Never got around to doing anything else with it, even though Manila has built-in support for WAP. It's a wonder some people think it is going somewhere. I still think RSS, or something like it, is the way to go for distributing news bits to people on the go.

BTW, one of the revelations of the show I just came back from, people seem to care what I think. When it's all-electronic that can be easy to miss. Just a human being at this end, with my own rose-colored glasses. Also it was good to see Tim Bray, Glenn Davis, Jeffrey Zeldman, James Tauber, Dori Smith, Dan Shafer, Jeanine Barnard, Steve Gillmor, Janet Vratny and Chuck Shotton, and I'm sorry I never hooked up with Tim Lundeen, and a special thanks to Brent Simmons for helping with the Manila demo.

Red Herring: "P2P networking isn't some novel cutting-edge technology like holography or dense wave division multiplexing. It is simply the ability to share files over a network -- a function that dates back at least 30 years. And there's the rub. To some degree, companies in the peer-to-peer networking space have been clever at dressing up an old technology like FTP in new clothing."

Also in Herring, dotcoms are not buying back their stock to spur investor confidence. "Many technology companies have run into cash-crunch problems as well, so buying back stock isn't a credible option to try to boost the stock price. But another, more frightening reason for the lack of buybacks could be that many tech companies simply don't believe that their already beaten-down shares are a bargain -- they see room for more downside."

I'm back, had a nice uneventful flight with lots of legroom. Read a draft of Joel Spolsky's book on UI design for software, it's excellent. I'm going to write the foreword for the book later this week.

Also saw The Replacements with Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman. A total schmaltzy movie, predictable, corny, but also a lot of fun. I cheered 18 times. It's good to see a stupid movie every once in a while, esp after (seeming) months watching politicians lie on TV.

I also got to read a lot of today's NY Times, in print (what a luxury!), including this piece about the demystification of the US political process. This is the good that's coming from the Y2K electoral mess. No more hiding behind platitudes. If you believe that the people we elect want anything more than to be elected you deserve everything you get.

Also read this piece on the lies of CMGI, whose market cap has gone from $40 billion to $4 billion in the last few months.

I'm reminded of my college days in New Orleans in the 1970s. Back then I would get the Sunday Times on Tuesday, it was only available at one news stand down in the French Quarter, head over to Cafe Du Monde and sit for hours reading about the world. Now you can get the Times on Sunday, anywhere in the city.

But some things haven't changed. While waiting for the streetcar outside the Camelia Grill on Carollton at St Charles, we saw two police escorts, one for a limo and a van, and another for a wedding motorcade. Sirens going and lights flashing. For those who live in Louisiana, elsewhere, as far as I know, cops don't do stuff like this. How does the money flow? A little mystery to chuckle (snicker?) about.

MSNBC: Was Napster too good to last?

Bill Humphries has a Casio wrist cam.

Simon St Laurent reviews new products at XML 2000.

Outliners and fuzzy thinking thread on Why do people want to think fuzzily? Or put another way, isn't there enough fuzzy thinking? How about sharp thinking. That's the kind I like.

Heard on CNN: The Supreme Court isn't final because it's right, it's right because it's final.

Travel day today, back to California. I hope to get some work done on the flight. No CNN. No election michegas. Just reading, notetaking and thinking.

See yaz back in California.


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