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DaveNet: Two kickass speeches.

Mail starting 12/13/00.

Tonight's NY Times home page is a keeper.

Dana Atchley, the leader of the Digital Storytelling Festival, died this morning. I'd like to thank him for all his stories, and the festival, I had a wonderful time when I attended in 1997.

Survey: Should Gore Concede? One final time.

Mark Hurst: It's time to simplify the PC.

OJR: Media weblogs for fun and profit.

XML-RPC client for RealBasic.

Chris Double has XML-RPC clients for Dylan and Lisp.

New sample script, for Frontier or Radio, uploads a picture to a Manila site with XML-RPC. It would be easy to turn this into a utility that uploads a folder full of pictures while you make coffee, or convert it to Python (or RealBasic, Dylan or Lisp) to help you manage a Manila site.

The referers log for Weblogs.Com is interesting. I had never looked at it before. What other secrets are lurking out there waiting to be discovered?

Linux Journal: Mac OS X First Impressions.

I'm getting lots of great suggestions for the XML Editors directory page.

NY Times tiptoes around naming the site they're writing about.

Here's what Zeldman really looks like.

Robert Reich, on NPR: "Then President-elect Bush (pause). Oh that's hard to say. It makes my stomach hurt!"

Wired: "If you're a Hotmail user experiencing the free service's latest shortcomings, you're just going to have to tough it out."

Explaining OPML 

Josh Lucas asks: "Can you create directories in anything other Radio UserLand?"

Yes. To do so, create the OPML version of the directory in your favorite text editor and upload it using the sample script we released yesterday for Radio, or the Python version. Then follow the instructions for viewing directories in Manila.

A runtime written in PHP or Java could implement an equivalent directory browser. We want OPML to be a killer format, broadly supported. I think this is going to be a big boost for structured editing tools and server components that do cool things with outline-authored content.

Supreme Court rules 

The US Supreme Court decides in favor of Bush, Gore is under pressure to concede. A survey of editorial pages follows.

Chicago Tribune: A victory for equal protection. "As some voices, this newspaper's included, have argued from the start, the only fair way to count ballots is with uniform standards so that any errors occur randomly, and not by crafty legal design. With Tuesday night's ruling, that concept now appears inviolate."

NY Times: The court rules for Mr Bush. "Mr. Bush needs to be gracious and unifying in victory, and Vice President Gore must master the difficult task of placing the national need for continuity ahead of any bitterness he may feel."

Boston Globe: Clear the air. "The country will need to unite and heal. The best way to do this - no matter who becomes president - is to deliberately expose dysfunctional voting systems and fix them."

Houston Chronicle: Recounts must have standards. "Not the least affected by the court ruling is the US Supreme Court itself. By intervening in the Florida electoral process, although its majority opinion was characteristically narrowly drawn, the court confirms that its members are political creatures who are willing to define and influence the nation's political process."

Miami Herald: Trust the process. "It is now up to Mr. Gore to accept that verdict with courage and grace, and to call upon his supporters to do the same. As he has said, ours is a nation of laws, not of men, and the law has spoken. It will be President-elect Bush's challenge and burden to rebuild confidence in the system. We wish him well."

When I want to review the editorial pages of papers whose opinions I care about, I just click on my directory of editorial pages, and they're all right there ready for me to start reading. Also, I take the suggest-a-link feature seriously. Don't be bashful, please make suggestions, this is an important way to build directories.


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