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Robert Scoble: "I'm playing with Whistler at home."

Dale Dougherty: "Low bandwidth and poor quality continue to limit the successful distribution of audio and video on the Web. There may be a better way, however, to distribute multimedia content online, by scheduling downloads of high-quality content for appointment viewing or listening." Yes.

I started a new channel covering P2P developments.

A friend at a publishing company asked if it was OK to flow the news in the P2P channel through their website. The answer is yes. This is where the source is. It's on a fast static server, read it once an hour and flow flow flow. In general, on the news pages I'm doing, the link to the XML source file is at the bottom of the page.

Look who owns

How can you tell you're a real geek? When you code right through The West Wing and don't think about it until there are only 15 minutes left in the program. Oy.

Jake's Braincase 'Blog. RSS Everywhere!

Salon: "One day in mid-2001, AOL Time Warner workers are roused from their corner offices for a stunning announcement: The company has fallen prey to a hostile takeover by AmIHotOrNot.Com."

Bård Farstad: Communicating with XML-RPC. "This is an implementation of the XML-RPC spesification written in object oriented PHP."

What is Consilient?

Pyra asks for donations from Blogger users to buy new servers. With over 20K new sites in the last couple of months they're caught in the dotcom crunch, like everyone else, like us. We started our hosting services when "business models" promised to reward us for capturing users in some way, on the assumption that we could turn some of them into paying customers, someday. That day has come for Blogger. BTW, I became a member of Paypal to give them $25. It's not much money for me, but if it helps gets them some more servers, that's cool with me.

Sites linking to the Pyra fund. Thanks Onfocus!

Survey: "Just curious, how much would you pay per month for a UserLand-hosted Manila site? This is not binding, in any way, I'm just interested in knowing what you think."

Dylan Tweney: The misery of Web applications. "If you think people complain a lot about Windows, just wait until Web applications become more widespread -- you ain't seen nothing yet." Thanks Camworld!

Imho the issue with Microsoft's Mac Web browser is central to turning this corner, yet the Microsoft people either don't get it or don't want to. Web services must migrate to the desktop so small companies like Pyra and UserLand can stay focused on delivering features their users want. To me this is a holy jihad to keep the creativity of the Web Development World, such as it exists, from going under.

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Comdex in Las Vegas in 1987.

Walking around and who do I run into but Bill Gates!

Ever the evangelist Bill wants to know where my Windows product is.

"Bill, the customers aren't asking for it," I said.

Apparently he had heard this line before.

"Were your customers asking for ThinkTank when you first developed it?"

I have to admit he had me there. Except for one thing. At the time ThinkTank was one of the best-sellers on the Softsel Hot List. When I was implementing it, it was not. I had no customers to tell me what to do, so I had to make it up. It's perhaps sad but true that your motivations change when you have customers and employees and payroll to meet, and all the michegas that comes with that.

What's the point of this little story? Well, we're not getting a positive response from Microsoft re the problems with MSIE/Mac talking to a server running on the same machine. It's true that most of Microsoft's users aren't asking for them to fix this. But it will hold up something very important and innovative, something I believe, in my heart, is as important as Windows was in 1987, if not more.

If Bill happens to read this -- we eventually did do a Windows product.


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