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DaveNet: Desktop Websites.

I got an email from Andrew at Pitas.Com saying he's planning on doing something similar with desktop websites. There was some confusion about how our stuff works. The user's desktop machine does not serve content to the outside world, unless you really want it to. I don't want to share my desktop machine with the world, and because of firewalls and bandwidth constraints, many people cannot. I want to use my machine in the same mode as Manila, Blogger, Pitas, Groksoup, etc, and have it publish to the cloud where everyone can read it, crawl it, filter and republish. For some reason doing as much as possible in the browser makes it easier. That's why people like these tools. I said to Andrew that I thought the next few months would be really interesting, and he agreed.

Joshua Allen: OPML and XSLT. "OPML is a great balance between the wide open freedom of raw XML and the feeling of security of a formal vocabulary. You should be able to read and understand the very small specification in just a few minutes."

What is Brazil?

Karl Peterson lists the ways VB.Net is not VB.

Brent: "We ate generic macaroni and cheese because Kraft macaroni and cheese was too expensive."

A channel a day keeps the doctor away? I started a new flow with stories about the transition in DotComLand. I also tweaked the viewRssBox macro, changing the icon to a black bullet, moving it to the left of the story and using a cellpadding of 5 in the table. Most important, the black bullets on these pages are links to the XML source of the item. Even though I assembled the flow, many of the items were written by someone else. (I'm confused too!) We're including links to the XMLizations so it's easy for other people to walk the network that's building. When you spot a channel you like you can add it to your personal aggregator (only a few people have one now) and it'll become part of your input flow. I'm using a web-like reward system. You help me write my channel, and I help build flow for your channel. It's the usual Web thing -- reciprocation. If people like your flow that's cool because it's good for the Web. "Ask not what the Internet can do for you" is still the right idea.

It's getting easier to create channels. Here's the source for the Dot-Com News page. It's not any harder than HTML. There's no reason it has to be. You don't even have to see the XML if you don't want to. Keep it simple. (Or more accurately, work and work on making it simple, but keep the power.)

Another change, the SOAP weblog gets XMLized. Now I add links to that page through MUOTD. Happy.

WebReference: Netscape 6's Event Model. "Netscape 6's event model was influenced by both Netscape Navigator's event model as well as Internet Explorer's event model."

Lance's five keys to great moderation. "Ask the unpopular question. Remember that the participants in the audience need discomfitting as much as the panelists." That's why I think Lance is so smart. He doesn't just say this stuff, he does it. If I have a choice I'd rather be asked the unpopular question. If it goes unasked, people seem to assume the worst. I'd offer Lance another soundbite from my longtime friend Marc Canter. Marc says "As soon as the lights go out someone goes to sleep." In other words, no speeches. However, most of the sessions at Davos are not sleep-inducing, there's so much going on. You hardly get to sleep at night even. I totally look forward to Lance's reports from Davos. He's our rep there.

Screen shot: My UserLand On The Desktop gets a new text editor. We're getting close to releasing it, it's getting nice and solid.

What is FileFunnel?

Last night talking with Brent about the scaling wall that Pyra is climbing I said they should do "Blogger On The Desktop." Then everyone using Blogger could add their computer to the mix. Decentralization and P2P. I've got to write an essay about this. Maybe in a few minutes. Desktop websites. It's the cure for Dotcom Disease, which we've all got a bad case of.

Hey I guess we won't be seeing any more "We're the Dot in Dot-Com" television ads. Something to be thankful for.


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