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Today's Bionic Page: XML News.

SF Chronicle: "More and more, our own government has proven itself willing to hand big corporations like Cisco this kind of financial home court advantage -- for a fee. It comes in the form of U.S. Patent Law."

Simson Garfinkel: "I hate Java."

Comment on the Garfinkel article. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said "Technologists: Write!" at the end of yesterday's DaveNet piece. He's doing the stuff he writes about. Whether you agree or disagree, this is the most valuable kind of writing, engaging, and real. This is what we need more of.

WebReference interviews Jeff Veen on his new book.

Paul Nakada on Replay TV: "These guys are doing 'set-top' publishing. Basically, I can make changes to my Replay TV set-top settings either directly on the set-top, or over the Web at Every night, the 'cloud' of my Replay TV configuration is synched up when the box dials out to the server."

Marc Andreessen: "It's a classic bubble thing. The bubble only bursts when there's no more people left to convert into being true believers, which is what happened in March."

I don't really know what John Rhodes is saying but it sounds pretty good, it's certainly worth a link. Wait a minute. I found the gist of what he's saying. Start here. "First, the two way web to me is about having easy interfaces available to write and publish content. It should be easy for me to read too! Very easy. Second, the idea of the desktop web site is that we can push things to my ever-more-powerful desktop." Yes yes yes, it's about making the things you want to do easy.

John VanDyk found a fantastic four-item shopping list in an Iowa supermarket parking lot.

Ken Dow did a list of standard page addresses for all Manila sites. Thanks Ken!

O'Reilly: Creating Audio CDs with Linux. "This article follows the process of recording the material to the hard disk, editing and filtering it with signal processing software, and finally creating an audio CD from the results, complete with custom covers for the jewel case."

Very interesting. Check out the XML behind Blogger.

Examples of RSS files with <cloud> elements.

Brent: "Oh yeah, right, I forgot, it's because I'm a total freakin' geek. I'll try to remember."

G'zai G'zint Permanent link to 'G'zai G'zint' in archives.

Cabinet, one of the very best weblogs, is one year old today.

Steve Lewis, its editor, writes: "What started as a lark has turned into a chunk of my life and given me a huge amount of pleasure. I started the site because I read I could and because I wanted to see the software and because of the enthusiasm with which you wrote about it. No plan in my head other than 'looks cool must touch.' A year later Im still getting up way before the sun so I can tend to it. You the man! (Except for that unfortunate Mets thing you have)."

Mazel tov Steve, and thanks for all the entertainment and thought inspiration.

Directories Permanent link to 'Directories' in archives.

Now after pouring huge amounts of time into RSS over the holidays, it's time to pay more attention to directories.

I know we're doing something good because people seem to take them seriously. Yesterday when I pointed to my list of dictionaries I got a half-dozen great suggestions and added almost all of them to the category.

This is the "timeless weblog" concept I was talking about a few months ago. The resource is persistent, it doesn't scroll off. In my world dictionaries are important resources so they're near the top of the tree. Now if you're looking for a dictionary, think "Dave probably has a good list." And I do, thanks to you.

I posted a brief note about this on the Decentralization list yesterday. People tend to think that P2P applies only to other people's content, but this is a P2P approach to developing a public resource. It's Weblike. And thanks for all your help.

And it's open. You can have the OPML text of all my directories if you know how to construct a URL to reference the source text. Here's the URL for the top directory on SuperOpenDirectory.Com. All you have to know is that the directory is stored in message 4. This technique works for any directory on any Manila site. This is the key to "inclusion" -- the ability to construct directories out of other (people's) directories. It's the equivalent of linking in the outline-oriented Web.

Here's another example of a directory that's growing nicely, based on community participation.

RSS and directories Permanent link to 'RSS and directories' in archives.

There *is* a method to my madness.

Directories and RSS are two sides of the same coin.

Here's a directory of information for Macintosh developers.

Here's a channel of news about the Macintosh.

How long before you see both on the same page?


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