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In a post on the XML-DEV list I outlined what I've learned about syndication and aggregation in the last couple of years, working on numerous approaches that turned into blind alleys. They're talking about a distributed subscription system for resources that describe namespaces.

After a very productive day working on my desktop website app, I realize that things are changing a lot all around the Internet industry, and especially around here. Change can be unsettling. But change is good. Some of what we were all doing for the last few years wasn't leading anywhere, it turns out. But some of it is very valuable. Editing in a Web browser is still fantastic. It works a lot faster if the server is nearby and carrying a light load. These things may sound obvious now, but they haven't been obvious for the last couple of years.

BTW, I hesitated to announce this when I made the decision at the beginning of last week to turn off my cable TV service. I went through a lot of withdrawal. Now the urge to zone out on TV is much less. I've read four books in the last week and I feel like I'm leading a more wholesome existence. More hot tub time, more dinners, more focus in my work. Amazing. What other habits can I give up?

Press release: Macromedia and Allaire to merge. "The combined company will evolve its Web development platform with support for open industry standards." Makes sense.

Rebecca Mead: You've Got Blog.

Brent: "Here's a major tip: always look at prior art." Amen.

Posted on the FoRK list, a WSJ story about Crossgain, the company founded by Tod Nielsen and Adam Bosworth, both of whom I knew when they were at Microsoft. They were working on a project in the SOAP space, which I have been briefed on, on background. Now they've been forced to quit under heavy pressure from Microsoft. I can't believe Microsoft is playing hardball here. There's so much room in this new space, we need all the smart technologists working diligently to explore all the new territory. Not just at Microsoft of course.

Ken Dow is doing three Manila courses in San Jose, CA at the end of February. Highly recommended. Ken knows Manila as well as anyone and he's a great teacher and really nice guy. If you've been fumbling around the edges of Manila wanting to become an expert, Ken is the guy who can get you there.

Last night at dinner with Jeff Barr, the author of Headline Viewer, we agreed it was time to get new publications signed on to RSS. This morning there's a note on Jake's site that The Register has signed on. Their RSS feed is here. That's really cool. Jeff is a persuasive and persistent salesman. He inspired me. We won't stop pushing until we get the Big Three on board. Who are they? The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. It's so sensible. RSS is like free banner ads. A no-brainer, if we can find the right person to pitch in each organization.

This morning there was a 93 megabyte MPEG movie in my enclosures folder, a beautiful graphic rendering of the inner-workings of the Internet from Ericsson. It took 18 minutes to download. But I didn't wait for it.

Back when I was a kid, many centuries ago, the cool thing to have was a Radio Flyer sled. Why do I mention this? Because Radio is a cool name for a product.

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Ed Cone: "Had a nice Deadhead experience with my wife, who never was one but gets the vibe and knows and likes a lot of the music. Somehow she made it to the age of 40 without ever hearing Wharf Rat. We drove to Jersey and back over Christmas with the live album commonly known as Skull and Roses in the CD player much of the way, and it was cool to see her discover one the band's finest moments. That song is unique and underappreciated. Fun to hear that disc again after a few years off -- you get Jerry as blues-guitar hero on Big Railroad Blues and a nice version of Bertha."


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