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Eric Kidd reports that the XML-RPC Howto is now part of the Linux Documentation Project.

The NY Times channels are flowing through our desktop website app. It's every bit as great as I hoped it would be.

Jeff Barr continues to review XML-based news feeds.

We fixed several important OPML-related bugs in Radio today.

Bruce Perens: "Technocrat will be re-launched with a new format. It will not be a discussion site any longer. Instead, it will offer tech stories and legislation alerts to be syndicated by other web sites, including discussion sites." The Technocrat RSS feed is here.

David Singer wants a WSDL description of the Manila-RPC interface. I don't begin to know how to create one, but I'd like to see it too, if anyone is up for it.

Paul Andrews: "What a wimpy way to end the Java lawsuit."

Brent wrote a list of tips about logging on Frontier servers.

Guy Kawasaki: "Instead of hiring more patent attorneys, why don't you hire more engineers?'" Exactly.

Tonight's song is a real rocker. "Lotta poor man got to walk the line just to pay his union dues." (I chose the live version from Europe 72.) Now I gotta tell the truth. I've been listening to Weather Report Suite consistently for the last few days. It's fantastic programming and writing music. I'll take recommendations for tomorrow. What Dead song is most like Weather Report?

The NY Times slams Clinton for his pardon of Marc Rich.

It doesn't take long to find the gotcha in the redesign at News.Com. There's a big huge ad in the middle of almost every story. News.Com, like every other dotcom, is radically altering its formula, wanting to be one of the survivors. If this proves economic (that is if people continue to read the stories wrapped around the flashing TV-size ads) then you can truly see the cost of being an eyeball. Judge for yourself if the editorial that surrounds the ads is worth the distraction.

Rube Goldberg would love this. Moreover produces a channel that contains News.Com syndicated headlines. I subscribe to that channel. It sends me a link back to Moreover. I click on it and am sent to a page on News.Com. To read a story distributed by Reuters.

Eric Soroos: "Two weeks ago monday, we lost 2/3rds of the staff. Last friday, the rest of us stopped getting paid. But something strange is happening. It's not dying that easily. We're fighting for it, since we don't know what else to do, and we're not going to let it go quitely into that good night. We have cool apps, we have customers that are happy, and we have bandwidth for a little while longer." Integrity.

Late Night Software is accumulating a list of differences in AppleScript on Mac OS X.

Davos starts tomorrow. I'm sad I'm not there, but my rabbi lost his job. Oy. I said to Lance I have to start my own Davos. He agreed. Then I got giddy. It turned into My.Davos and then, of course, My.Davos On The Desktop. I'll return someday, with my camera and a continued vigilance about software patents. I know so many people who are there this year. Please if you see Jay Walker tell him to donate his patents to the public domain. And give Esther a hug for me. (I wonder if Katherine Harris will be there?)

It had been a long time since I looked at the OFS Top 100. It's still running! Amazing. 1390 users. Where did they come from? Sheez. Blows me away.

One of the cool things about UI on a long Web page is that you can put the docs in the user interface. Here's an example. I can take the user through the security options one step at a time. Do you want to turn off remote access. Do you want to turn off POSTing. And do you want to require a password. The cool thing is that I can explain *why* you might want to do these things right inline. This is a different philosophy from GUIs which depended on never-effective Help systems to get you the information you need.

Clueless may sound cruel, but the idea is to get people to learn how to extract themselves from mailing lists.

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