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UserLand's SOAP 1.1 Validator. This approach worked really well for finding incompatibilities in XML-RPC implementations. Let's find out if we work together!

Craig Burton has a fantastic whitepaper on calculus and Internet protocols linked into his weblog.

I did a lot of work on the RSS 0.92 spec this evening.

This evening I got a heavy-duty email from Microsoft PR about Sun's announcements coming on Monday (which I didn't even know about) in Web Services. I've asked for permission to post the email. Also had a long phone call with the PR guy, suggesting they take a more statesman-like approach. All the guns are blazing and they name names. Like I said, it's heavy-duty stuff. Which is weird because I think SOAP is already over the top. Oy.

Now seems as good a time as any to point to a piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago entitled Desktop Websites. Use Apache if you want, or Microsoft's personal Web server, or Apple's but put it on the desktop. Erase the scaling wall, give the users unprecedented performance, without sacrificing the convenience of working in a Web browser, even from remote locations.

Prediction. Look for users sneaking DSL lines into offices much as they snuck in Apple IIs in the early 80s. From there it's a simple matter of setting up departmental LANs that are fully part of the Internet, unencumbered by system managers and firewalls. I'm not going to make them do it, so don't get mad at me, they'll do it all on their own. It's such a replay of the early 80s. The B2B and infrastructure companies and Microsoft are trying to work within the system, in the meantime networking technology is becoming easy as the Apple II made computing easy. Bigole wheel keep on turnin.

BTW, our policy at UserLand is to respect firewalls and not try to in any way circumvent them. This has been our policy since the issue first came up when we started doing XML-RPC in 1998.

On Tuesday I met a guy who works for David Stutz at Microsoft, I don't remember his name, but he's British and reads Scripting News. He said he thought I was a little guy and was surprised to see that I'm not. At 6-2 and 230 pounds I'm definitely on the bigger side. I don't do well on full cross-country flights in coach. I like to fly First or Business Class whenever possible. But I'm not so tall that I have to duck going through a doorway. I wanted to play football in high school but my school didn't have a team.

I had an opposite experience meeting Zeldman for the first time in New Orleans. I thought he was a big fat guy. He's not. He's short and robust and has lots of color in his face. All the pictures on his site create an image of a big big guy. My British friend at Microsoft says it's like radio. You develop an image of the person behind the mike, and it's hard to shake it.

Brent: "Trip down memory lane -- NewsPage was a suite for Frontier 4 which managed a weblog. Of course, we didn't have the term weblog back then (January 1997)."

Talking with Robert Scoble this morning, a natural born salesman. He asked if I knew the salesman's favorite word. I didn't then, but I do now. He said it's "No." At first it confused me (I thought it would be Yes) but I quickly figured it out, and it made me laugh. I think I'm learning.

Reminder: Ken Dow is doing Manila training in San Jose at the end of the month. It's a good deal.

I also have to add a couple of sections to my RSS 0.92 spec. The "bionic" RSS files we're producing do not conform to the 0.91 spec because the <item>s don't have <link>s and <title>s, just <description>s. However this will not break the compatibility statement for 0.92 (whew!) because it will still be true that every 0.91 file is also a valid 0.92 file. I also want to bust the draconian limit of 15 <item>s per channel.

Lance summarizes Davos 2001. "It's not a pretty picture."

Zeldman: "I am going to shave."


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