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What is .NET? I'm interested in getting your opinions. The more interesting ones of course will be linked to from Scripting News so you'll get some exposure for your ideas. It's OK to post if you only know *part* of what .NET is. It's also OK to be self-serving, to say how your work relates to .NET, or say what you don't like about it. But if you make sweeping claims about good and evil, don't expect anyone to care. Thanks. (We're learning.)

A DaveNet piece with the same title.

T. Scott Lewis offers a credible explanation, from a user's point of view, of what .NET is.

Scoble: "Focus on the .NET Common Language Runtime."

Glenn Fleishman paraphrasing Douglas Adams: "You're so happy when you get the damn thing to work, you ignore that it's a terribly useless thing to begin with."

Tog says the Apple Dock Sucks.

Wild Tofu: Mac OS X Server Preview.

Kevin Drennan: "I jumped around so much the dog thought we were going for another walk." Ain't that cool. A universal truth. Dogs are always up for a walk. Ever meet a dog who didn't want to go for a walk?

BBC: Hackers Steal Davos Data.

A new design at NetDyslexia. I like it!

Simon Evans: "I've decided to set The Flounder on a new mission: To record any old rubbish that passes through my brain. That's what's it's been all along but now there will be more focus and less discrimination." That's my mission too.

I never understood what this supposed joke was about.

Dennis Peterson: The Anti-Patent.

Do you watch The Simpsons? I used to before I turned off my TV. (It's still off.) Even Maggie, the baby who everyone forgets, has another baby who she hates. There's this great scene where Bart points this out. The other baby is realllly ugly.

From the We Don't Need No War Department. News.Com reports that Sun will announce its Web Services initiative and will explain how Java can be used to create Web Services. All he has to do is point to XML-RPC and SOAP. He doesn't have to trash Microsoft and Bill Gates. (He will anyway, of course.) It's so obvious, all you have to do is ask a Java developer. Can you do Web Services with Java? Sure, now what's next?

I had a meeting a few weeks ago with a developer. (No names.) He kept talking about another developer. "We're going to beat him," he said in different ways. After a few times through this loop, I asked "Why set your sights on one person?" He looked at me puzzled, as if this was a strange question, as if everyone was aimed at defeating this person. I said I wasn't. I also said that of the 9 billion people on the planet he was probably the only person focused on defeating this person. (I stand by that assessment.) It's strange that people pair off this way. So Microsoft has Sun and Sun has Microsoft. They hate each other. It seems silly to me. Why? I don't hate either of them. I imagine that the vast majority of the people on the planet couldn't care less if Bill Gates hates Scott McNealy or vice versa. What do you think? Why doesn't John Markoff do a think-piece about this or Mary Jo Foley.

Ever notice that press people don't like to be written about? Every time I mention one I either get a half-flame or ignored. Never does a reporter (except Paul Andrews) confirm what we all must really know. (?) They're doing the same thing that Bill and Scott are.

I called the Microsoft PR guy on Friday, and got an idea that he thinks flaming Sun is what's expected of him. I asked him to visualize victory. Oh of course then they'd act graciously. So I said the worst possible thing to him (which I'd say to McNealy too) --> You won.

He also said that the press hasn't got a clue what Dot-Net is. I wondered then and wonder now if this somehow shouldn't be on the front-burner, instead of the mutual hatred between Microsoft and Sun.

Weather report: Sunny, high in the 70s, light breeze.

What they don't say: The air smells like perfume.

Resolved: I will spend at least one hour basking today.

How the warm weather makes my body feel.


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