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DaveNet: The real work begins now.

2/27/98: "The Internet is a platform. A platform is made up of tools and runtimes. Internet tools run on all kinds of operating systems, as do the runtimes. The beauty of the net is its simplicity, its ubiquity and its lack of a controlling vendor."

A little vignette for you. When I was part of the Apple family I used to be amazed at how often they'd reorg. First they'd reorg according to geography. Then according to function. Then next time they'd reorganize geographically, followed by function. There was a loop to it. The computer industry does the same thing. First we centralize. Then we decentralize. Then we centralize, and then decentralize. Sun won big in the last round because we were centralizing after a period of decentralization, and they were ready for it. That's why Microsoft was scrambling for a few years, they are big in the decentralized way, with lots of power on the desktop. Now with the dotcom model kaput what are we doing? Decentralizing, of course. Now it's Sun's turn to scramble, to morph into a desktop company. The network is still the computer (cute phrase) but the power is shifting from the big iron in a glass palace to big iron on our desktops.

Deborah Branscum: "I would happily trade all the ideas PR folks have sent me over the years for simple cooperation after I decide to write a story."

Reuters: "Pope John Paul is considering naming Saint Isidore of Seville the patron saint of Internet users and computer programmers, Vatican sources said on Tuesday."

A new callback for Manila sites.

Use Perl has a tutorial on XML-RPC.

I'm now a two-blog guy.

Shouldn't we ask if Amazon has taken a patent out on this before advocating it? It should be a basic interview question for Amazon every time they claim to do something innovative. What price are we paying for your supposed innovation? What black hole will you leave behind?

I've noticed a bunch of editing mistakes on News.Com today. Above they say "parameters" when they mean perimeter. They called NASDAQ a "bulletin board" -- which is weird. Maybe they loosened some screw in their editorial system?

InternetWorld: "By taking the JVM out of IE6 and taunting its opponent with its JUMP initiative, Microsoft signals a continuation of the brutish and mean-spirited confrontation with an equally nasty Sun over Java."

As XML-RPC is getting serious respect among all kinds of developers, it's not surprising that Sun is starting to do their own work in this area, almost three years after XML-RPC started. Here's a page where Sun asks for help designing support for "XML RPC" in Java. Scroll down the page where there's a list, academic style, of previous work done in this area. No mention of XML-RPC and no link. Here's a screen shot.

Now I know I'm not the only one who feels that XML-RPC deserves recognition. How could they have missed it? It's the top item on the W3C prior art page. At this point in the evolution of open distributed computing standards, to omit XML-RPC says more about Sun's fear than it does about the quality of work and broad support of XML-RPC. I sent an email to Sun's comments mailbox asking that they include a link to XML-RPC.

Sun's claim, yesterday that they've been doing what SOAP does since the 1980s may be true, but they must have forgotten somewhere along the way. Sun's RMI is a totally closed box. No way to unplug from Sun's control. Of course Sun doesn't want to talk about this, and few if any of the reporters noticed. Markoff did, I sent him an email thanking him. He could have made a stronger statement. Maybe he or someone else will. "Sun Reverses Long-standing Closed-Box for Java." Or if it were the NY Daily News, the headline might have said this.

Weather report: Windy and cooler, high in the 50s.


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