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Survey: Scripting News dinner in SF on Thurs?

Tomorrow, in preparation for my Two-Way-Web talk on Wed, I'm going to write version 2.0 of HTMMOTI. I'm going to answer the Big Question -- What the heck is the business model for this weblog stuff? There's good news and bad news. The good news is that most of the money will be made by the users. That's also the bad news.

Hey I got an email from Pete Dako who was Rookie of the Year in the Frontier community in 1992. Nice to hear from an oldtimer. He did the production for the Frontier 3.0 docs, for love, very little money. That was back when we printed docs on dead trees. Them was the days. Come sit on my knee, I'll tell you all about it.

Front-runner for Rookie of the Year 2001 is Scoble.

Wow, somehow I stumbled across the public RSS file for a big newspaper and didn't know that it was some kind of secret. So I linked to it from Scripting News, and gave them a compliment. I said it was the best RSS support for any major newspaper. Instead of thanking me, or quoting me, they took it offline. Somedays it feels like it's just not worth gettin out of bed.

Here's a public comment. I don't think most of the newspapers know why they're on the Web. Talking with the NY Times licensing manager last week she pointed out that they don't charge us to link to their stories. I nodded my head. "Oh that's nice," I said, thinking to myself, "They don't know why they're on the Web."

Josh Allen: "Well, chips are just software that has been compiled into silicon, and strangely, when you compile your code into silicon, you don't have the same crowd yelling at you to GPL it."

AP: Spacecraft lands on asteroid.

Jason McCabe Calacanis: "If anyone is interested in renting desk space at our newly renovated office please let me know. We also have an entire extra floor (6,000+ feet) on 36th Street available, plus some deskspace to rent."

KnowNow: "Powering the Two-Way Web."

US federal appeals court: "Napster may be held liable for contributory copyright infringement only to the extent that Napster knows of specific infringing files with copyrighted musical compositions or sound recordings, knows or should have known that the files are available on the Napster system, and fails to act to prevent the distribution of copyrighted materials.''

Dan Gillmor has comments on the Napster decision.

Today's Song: Brand New Day. "All you lovers in the world."

Paul Andrews: "I'm getting the impression we may be entering a new phase of Blog evolution."

Evhead has a temporary address during a DNS outage.

More finishing work on Radio this morning. A few ideas about how to explain it pop into my head. Here they are.

Lance: "Here's a picture of me with Abe Lincoln."

Andrew Cohill sends pointers to three Mac companies that make software that he likes. This is cool because I'd never heard of any of these companies.

See the little white-on-orange XML icon to the right? Click on it and it takes you to the XML version of this page. That's a gentle invitation to do the same on your site. More people are going to want to know where the XML version of your content is. This provides a simple way to clue them in.

As you might imagine there's a Manila macro that does this. Call it from your home page template and you're done.

Eric van der Vlist describes himself as a "RDF newbie" who wants to "bring RSS back in the semantic arena." Oy.

I went for a hike yesterday with Paul Andrews up by the Stanford Dish, we caught a rainbow, and he took a picture of me in front of it. Why did I put my hands up like that? I thought maybe the rainbow would fit between them.

"Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters."


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