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Eric Raymond: "XML-RPC is very much in the Unix spirit. It's deliberately minimalist but nevertheless quite powerful."

I submitted the Raymond comments to SlashDot, something I learned how to do at the P2P conf. Here's the evidence. Thank you, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy. You can watch the SlashDot effect roll through our server. This page is recalc'd every hour. You can see that today's Frontier is fully capable of taking the hits.

The next section was written before I got the email from Raymond.

Imagine a room, a cocktail party. It's a three-cornered room. In one corner is Jim Allchin. In another corner is Eric Raymond, and in the third corner is Bill Joy. In the middle are thousands of random developers, working every day to create cool shit for users, hoping to Hit It Big like the Napster guys (see below). Jim and Eric and Bill are talking about each other. Pointing fingers. Talking about guns, and battlefields and death. They don't actually have the courage to fight each other, they just like to talk about it. The reporters, outside the room, ignore the thousands of developers. Look, everyone's fighting! the headlines scream. A battle to the death. A demilitarized zone. Guns pointed everywhere. But the developers don't have guns, they just have compilers and text editors, servers and browsers. They're busy building cool shit for the reporters to use. Somehow this is overlooked.

Lindsey Smith: A Developer in the DMZ. "Of course, I don't expect them to stop fighting. I just wish they would move their battlefield somewhere else."

Jeremy Bowers proposes a responder framework for incoming mail messages.

Deborah Branscum: "Reporters get enough messages.."

AP: "Why should we organize [The Web] as pages? There's no reason.''

AP: "Napster offered $1 billion to the recording industry Tuesday to settle the copyright infringement suit that threatens to shut down the free Internet song-swapping service."

Zope.Org: Zope Directions Roadmap.

Thomas Lynch: "Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, has requested that his execution be televised. Mr. McVeigh has no rights in the matter. But we do, and the state that executes in our name ought not abridge our right to watch the exercise."

Last night John Perry Barlow introduced me to "The Other Sean" from Napster, Sean Parker. John and I talked about Grateful Dead lyrics, we recited the lyrics to Touch of Grey, the dreariest of songs, sung to an upbeat melody (I think that's why I like it so much) and talked about common friends from years-gone-by. Sean, who is 21, is trying to get into Stanford. I thought that was interesting. Here's a young guy who's already done so much to influence culture through technology before going to college. Somehow it seemed weird that he would be applying anywhere.

Gigaideas: SOAP Client for PHP.

Yahoo! eGroups support RSS, that means every eGroup can feed through Radio. That makes me so happy. I also discovered the W3C's RSS file, and even though it's a flavor of RSS that I've never heard of (those wacky W3C guys, so bleeding-edge, just like those crazy browser guys) Radio reads it just fine. It ignores all the non-standard stuff the W3C added.

Here's a cool use of the Internet. You can download an excerpt of Kurt Vonnegut reading a chapter of his own classic, Slaughterhouse Five. Highly recommended.

Business Week: "Tchong's view on the news demonstrates how spoiled everyone was by the adulation of the past few years. The reality is that the public has grown less gullible."

Zeldman's My Glamorous Life #33. "Miss Prendergast stood with her back to the chalkboard. 'Today, class, we are going to talk about Web Design,' she said."

What is Narval?

I got back from dinner late this evening, a great feast hosted by NY literary agent John Brockman who turned 60 on Friday. All kinds of interesting people. It was at the same restaurant as last Thursday's dinner, Henry's Hunan on Sansome. Well, that's the good news. The bad news is that on arriving back home all my neighbors' mailboxes and mine had been been emptied by vandals. Oy. The police are on their way over now. I guess I'm going to have to tell my credit card company about this. So tonight like Zeldman, I have A Glamorous Life.

Before going to the city I stopped by KnowNow and met with Rohit and some of the other people. Then while waiting for the cops to arrive, I did a little surfing and found out that ex-Pyrite, Matt Haughey, is working for KnowNow. I didn't know that. I wonder what he knows, now.

Solution to yesterday's non-technical puzzle. It takes one Apple person to change a lightbulb. How? Hold the bulb in the socket and wait while the world revolves around you.

Happiness is my software getting smarter without me having to do anything. Radio has a new lick. If the item on the clipboard isn't a URL, when I choose the Add Link command, it figures out that I might want to turn it into a URL, so it does it for me. That's hard to explain in words, but when you do it, it makes you smile.

Talked with Scoble this evening. He told me about his trip to China four years ago. Nice story. Earlier this evening we talked about the 60s in the USA. Robert reminded me that they had an interesting time in China in the 60s. It was called The Cultural Revolution. I don't think it was as much fun as our version of the 60s.


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