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Wow, here's a fantastic resource that Bill Humphries found. "NASDAQ has an XML quotes feed. Plenty of data to experiment with in it. To customize it, just append your stocks as symbol=TICKER to the URL after mode=stock."

Lawrence Lee found the DTD for the NASDAQ feed. "This XML document type definition is a proposal for data interchange inter and intra Element and attribute names need validation within a broad Nasdaq and Amex audience. More samples need to be produced to ensure completeness of the DTDs. This DTD is probably in the 90%+ level of completeness."

Intel CEO, Craig Barrett, quoted in the NY Times: "You never save your way out of a recession, the only way to get out of a recession stronger than you went into it is to have great new products."

Builder.Com: An Introduction to SOAP. Nice!

Dave Seidel: "As part of my effort to learn SOAP, I'm trying to use Radio as a test bed." He's making quick progress: "I just learned how to allow the Validator to access my local Radio machine, even though that machine does not have its own IP address or domain name."

Radio: SOAP-in-Radio Checklist.

Miguel de Icaza is working on SOAP-for-Gnome. Bravo! Scroll to the end of this News.Com article for clues. Also gotta include a plug for KDE, a longtime supporter of XML-RPC.

Eric Yeh: XML-RPC for Tcl. Client and server.

Tech Interview: "Dave Winer is stuck on a deserted island which is very thin and ten miles long."

WrongWayGoBack: Weblogs.

Kat Nagel: Natural Life Cycle of Mailing Lists.

Richard Stallman: The GNU GPL and the American Way.

Eric Soroos: The Esoteric Settings Plugin.

The Standard: "Starting in April, [Adobe's] new CEO Bruce Chizen and his 11 top executives will be taking a series of seminars on Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat the products that have made Adobe a runaway success and helped launch the desktop publishing revolution." Smart. Let the users run the company. If the people who run the company aren't users, that's a bug, fix it.

BTW, talking with Jake today I realized we do workflow at UserLand. And I keep looking for ways to make it easier for all of us, more formal, so we can do more powerful things working together. So my piece on Sunday was off the wall. But sometimes you have to say it one way to figure out that you really want it to work. I do.

An example of workflow at UserLand -- our internal RFC process. It's very simple and fairly intuitive, and it provides a mechanism for us to talk about work we're going to do. When you're managing a complex system like we do, you can't do it without formalism.

NY Times: Judges scrutinize Microsoft ruling.

There's been some discussion on the Syndication mail list about assigning unique identifiers to RSS channels. There would be another element of <channel>, call it <id>. It would have to conform to certain rules. If the URL of your channel changed you'd still use the same id, that way aggregators would know that the two files are reflecting the same content. I have doubts as to whether this would work. It certainly adds confusion. "What is this id stuff?" Ole asks Sven. I could even imagine someone thinking that when they move their file they would have to get a new id. Ooops. Would we refuse to process channels that don't have ids? (There goes the whole installed base, clearly not workable.) On the other hand, having a network service that returns a globally unique id sounds like a fun project.

Who is Ms. Woo?

Baseball season is a few weeks away, and Baseblog is back.

WebReference: "Adding VoiceXML to your Web site can be an effective way to make your content accessible to many more customers."

Ole was talking to his neighbor Sven who said, "Ole, you and Lena should really get some new blinds." "Why?" asked Ole. "Well last night, I saw, you and Lena, well you know, doing it." Ole thought for a bit, then said, "Ha ha Sven, the joke's on you, I wasn't home last night!"

John Blood on Scandanavian humor: "As one of my Norwegian literature profs used to say, 'A happy ending is when they find all the bodies.'"


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