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Permanent link to archive for Thursday, March 01, 2001. Thursday, March 01, 2001

DaveNet: Chinese Housewives.

An open source "hierarchical notebook" which is of course another name for an outliner.

Visualizing Radio: "Imagine a river, with lots of tributaries."

Don Marti: "Watch the HP executive who does the most to kill the open-source release of OpenMail."

Next week is the Python conference in Long Beach. I wonder if it's worth a day trip. I'd love to meet Guido. I see Fredrik and Paul Everitt will be there too. Hmm.

ActiveState: PerlEx 2.0. "Easily build and deploy Web Services that utilize SOAP."

Microsoft: Web Services with ASP.Net.

BTW, thanks for using the Suggest-A-Link feature in the SoapWare directory. I've added six suggested links since it went up. And it's also generating content for Scripting News (see above). Win-win.

EuropeMedia: Content syndication heats up in Europe.

Boston Globe: "Having given the world the most gorgeous desktop computer ever, Apple Computer Inc. now has matched the feat by producing a ravishing new laptop - fast, powerful, and sheathed in sexy titanium."

Chris Gulker: "Peer-to-peer is about the folks out at The Edge learning to get by without the centre."

I'm looking for the UDDI spec, but sorry I don't read specs in PDF or in Word doc format. I like HTML. I'd also like a one or two sentence explanation of what it is. Google to the rescue. It has a text version of the PDF doc in its cache.

From the I Hate It When This Happens Department. We seem to have lost the Red Herring RSS feed. It now redirects to an error page. The person we worked with there is probably long-gone. Oy.

From the It's Even Worse Than It Appears Department, Lawrence Lee reports: "Now the entire site is burping this up: HTTP/1.1 Application Restarting." Maybe they'll come back and share their love with us once again.

A friendly future? Permanent link to 'A friendly future?' in archives.

We struggle for our point of view to prevail, for no good cause, because it can't. I had an insight into that today. I'm afraid, like many others of the unknown nature of death. Then I realized that's bullshit. I'm more afraid of tomorrow. I have no idea what will happen then, any more than I have an idea of what happens after death. Why do I think I know what will happen tomorrow? By extrapolation, by looking to the past, and using it to predict tomorrow. But here's the bug. I'm using my perception of the past to lull me into believing I understand the future, right up to the point of my death, after which I have no idea what happens. But! There is no such thing as the past. Now you say, oh what bullshit that is. "Of course there's a past," you say. But can you touch it? Can you in any way experience it? How do you know it exists? And if you think it does, tell a story about an event that happened in the past to someone else who was there. Why does their account of what happened differ from yours? If it could be appreciated, at a scientific level, then wouldn't you tell the same story? (And of course I'm not really afraid of tomorrow, that's just an excuse for not paying attention to now.)

Early morning stuff Permanent link to 'Early morning stuff' in archives.

Good morning sports fans!

Happy March. Where is the year going?

First there was B2B, then B2C, then P2P, then P2P2P2P..

Today I'm working on M2B.

Hint: The B in M2B is Blog.

Another clue is just a click away.

Question: Can Word send email? If so how does it format the output? Do you get plain text? That would be a godsend. We could do some serious stuff with that. (Postscript, Word *does* send email. Wow. Have to investigate. Apparently it only sends it in RTF. Oooops.)

Random thought. If platform is Chinese household, to have happy house, respect must go both ways. Husband must buy flowers for wives, and wives must not try to change husband.

Another random thought. To people who say Blogs are nothing new, right on. What's really going on? Web writing software is maturing, getting easier and more accessible. It's the natural progression of technology. Refinement and ease of use. Once, a long time ago, we were confused about what the Web did. As we got less confused, we could narrow the functionality, make easier to use software, and bring new waves of people on board. The software industry merged with the Internet community in the mid-90s. That's all that happened. (I guess that was a lot though.)


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