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Why Matt Goyer's idea to run a Napster-compatible server in SeaLand might not work.

Doc gets bandwidth. "Pages load instantly. Two hundred fifty emails came down in seconds. And tomorrow I jack into a T1 at work. Wheee!"

Chris Adler: "'What? Not even the peas? But you love peas!' I reasoned with him. 'Oh, that's right!' he replied, and proceeded to shove the whole plate dangerously close to the edge of his tray."

DJ Adams: What is a Jabber client?

Mark Watson: "I may be too optimistic, but I do believe that the SOAP platform will transcend the Microsoft-only world of Windows and will provide a universal platform for building web based applications and platform independent clients."

Dan Anderson is running a .NET news site here.

WebReference.Com: RSS News Feeds.

My inner-child loves the XML Bastard. He makes me laugh!

I'm working on something speculative. Gotta do that every once in a while to keep the gears oiled. My goal is to come up with a simple to implement groupware application that can be coded in any SOAP-aware environment, and uses its object serialization power. The application is inspired by The Hong Brothers, Tony and James. AmIHotOrNot in a hierarchy of users and workgroups and groups of workgroups, an Internet-based pyramid scheme. In the bootstrapping sense, the first cable across a body of water. So light that a small bird could lift it. No guarantee it'll ship, that's how speculative projects go. Here's a screen shot of the work in progress.

Here's the second screen shot. A little simpler and more stuff works.

Brent: "They're young, in their teens, 20s, or 30s. They answer every question. They volunteer answers even for questions they haven't been asked." So much to say about this. I talked with Sheila for an hour yesterday. It's true that a lot of men are totally self-absorbed, and not much fun to hang out with. It's the rare person, of either gender, who has an interest in what's going on inside other people. Most of us act like we're the whole universe. That's not fun (because it's so not true). When people insert themselves in an unwelcome way in your life, what do you do about it? There's not much you can do, except turn in another direction and welcome more positive attitudes. With 9 billion people on the planet, you can't be friends with everyone, you can really only be friends with about 5-20 people depending on how close you want to get. Choose your friends where there's fun and respect, breathe deeply, and keep on truckin.

Another way of looking at the same thing. On any given day of the week, there's always someone who is angry with me, has an issue with me, wants me to stop doing something (I might not even be doing it), or is otherwise having an emotional outburst that for some reason involves me, in their mind. If I always stopped and dealt with each one, I would never have any time to live my life, and work out my issues, with other people, who may not happen to be this person. In other words sometimes a neighborhood kid comes knocking at the door to see if Dave can come out to play, and sometimes the answer is sorry, he's busy now.

It's been a few days since I added a song to the Grateful Dead channel. Now that there are all these new Radio users, some of whom are tuned into this channel (it's #16 on the hotlist of upstreaming Radio users, there's no way of knowing how many non-upstreaming users are subscribing, have to do something about this..). Anyway, tonight's song is a live version of Weather Report Suite from Dick's Picks Volume 7. It's wistful music. Of course a beautiful song, oft-quoted here on Scripting News. "A little change, the wind and rain."

A new look for UserLand.Com.

From Brian Lenihan, in honor of the new design. "What does the Buffalo say to his boy when he leaves for school?" Bison.


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