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Survey: When all is said and done, what will SOAP interop mean?

Zeldman: "Last month, when my accountant figured all this out, I had about $900 in the bank. Which, by an odd coincidence, was exactly the fee he charged me."

Eugene Pervago: Where is the Internet is going and why I am starting to like it.

Here's what happens when you didn't think something through all the way and the echoes of your past mistakes haunt you and haunt you and haunt you and haunt you ad infinitum. I don't think I'm going to be using listserves to manage workgroups after all. Back to the drawing board!

Dave's SOAP Journal, part 2. "I'm trying to make it understandable to people with non-technical backgrounds. We have a seat at one of the most interesting tables in 2001, perhaps the most interesting table. I want my experiences to be transparent, I want all the glitches, near-flames and full-flames to be out in the open so we can resolve our differences."

Now I'm not a Republican, far from it, most of the things Republicans stand for are things I'm against. But there's something satisfying about the Bush Presidency, and for a time I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it is. Now I think I get it. If this guy could be president, anyone could. He bumbles along twisting around his mouth when he speaks, with his Texas accent that I don't believe. I imagine him on the scene of The West Wing, reading his lines, and sipping his coffee saying "Oh this is really good coffee, thanks." He gets his cues from Dick Cheney, but he could just as easily get them from a TV series director. Smile here. Say something nice about America. Good job Dubya. Excellent.

Jakob Nielsen thinks HailStorm is the savior of the Web. I'm going to have to have a talk with Jakob.

It's been quiet on the soapbuilders list. You gotta know IBM and Microsoft are talking in private. They want to spend money, but I don't have so much money. I prefer to do it low-cost and low-tech. We could define interop a la the interop we have for XML-RPC and invite them to support it in their marketing. Why did I let the money blind me? Geez, I fell for it. Hopefully it's not too late to fix this.

A twisty thought re the BigCo's. Think of the Internet as the Intranet For The Rest of Us.

The Free-Conversant guys, who are Frontier developers, have built a bridge between Radio and their server. It's now available for free download. Now that's a mind bomb for sure! Let's see what they have working.

You should now be able to call Manila from Microsoft's Dot-Net thanks to Simon Fell for doing the WSDL file and Jake for writing it up, testing, and evangelizing. We jumped through the hoop. So if you've been using Microsoft's beta toolkit and wondering when an Internet "web service" would show up, the wait is over, let the scripting begin!

Ooops, I spoke too soon. Jake found problems in the connection between Frontier and Dot-Net. Still diggin!

Here's a story Craig Burton will like. In 1998, one of the companies I visited to invite to work with us on SOAP was Novell. I met with Eric Schmidt. He didn't jump on it. Imagine how different things would be now for Novell if he had. They would already have deployed Web services. Maybe it wouldn't have made a difference, but why, in retrospect, not have given it a try? (Interestingly, the same could be said for Google, where Schmidt is the new chairman. I tried to talk with them last year this time, got nowhere. They responded as if I wanted to spam their database.)

And don't forget NetDocs, which is sure to be the next HailStorm and aimed squarely at the market we're working in. We appear to have a zig to their zag, but we won't know for sure until they announce it.

A product manager from Oracle asks for an explanation of the last PS on yesterday's DaveNet. I said "They would have to be replaceable as the service operator to be open in the way that matters. Subject to competition. It would be interesting to see Oracle play the role of Microsoft, and license a HailStorm-like server to the masses. I would have expected this strategy from your boss, not Gates."

Hey they fixed the text selection bug in MSIE 6. Now I can select a sentence with the mouse. Relief!

Evan Prodromou: "The next version of Freenet will have an XML-RPC interface built in to allow rapid development of Freenet-enabled software."


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