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DaveNet: Unstalling SOAP.

I have no idea who's editing the Soapbox site, don't worry it ain't got nothin to do with SOAP, but whoever it is they have a clue. I read it every time it updates.

David Touretzky: Gallery of CSS Descramblers.

Johnny's in the basement mixin up the medicine I'm on the pavement thinkin bout the government.

Paul Andrews: Who are your gatekeepers? We're planning tp run this as a guest DaveNet tomorrow.

Paul spent many years as the Seattle Times technology correspondent. He knows intimately what the other side of the gate looks like. Now he's writing about the gate from the other side.

It's taking time to get used to thinking and communicating outside the firewall. We rely on the comfort of rules imposed by old technology while we learn how to work with the new. It happens in software too. I have to make the browser feel to me like a development environment I'm used to. I have to make procedure calls work over the Internet so I can distribute my applications, using power that's new to me. However I never had to learn how to write outside the firewall, that's the only kind of writing I've done, except for one or two pieces I've written for Steve Gillmor.

Perhaps this was the disconnect I had with Hotwired when I used to write for them. They were so set on me doing a weekly column that was turned in 5 days early so they could run it through their process. I hated that. By the time the article ran I'd have already moved on. All of a sudden I'd be getting email on something I was interested in 5 days ago. Oy. I wasn't there anymore. (Is there an echo in here?)

We also missed a scoop that way. I had Steve Wozniak on the record criticizing Spindler's Apple. At the time this was newsworthy, and my story which had appeared on my personal website days before it appeared on Wired, had been picked up by the Examiner and ran on page 1 of their business section. Our pub was web-only. It should have been on our front page minutes after I had the quote, instead of the days it took to run it through the normal cycle. Don't get me wrong, Hotwired was a fantastic pub for its day. But you can see how weird that all looks now, 6.5 years later.

Deborah Branscum: "Iím a big fan of accuracy and fairness but Iím not convinced that reporters can necessarily capture the truth in 800 words or less."

I've been getting emails like this one all day. It's great to get the support of web developers and webmasters.

I sent an email to Andrew Layman, Microsoft's top XML guy, asking for Microsoft's support for the BDG spec.

I posted a status report (this morning) to the XML-RPC and SOAP mail lists.

We're in the middle of a 48-hour period to create and freeze an interop spec for SOAP 1.1. If you're interested in either, please investigate and push back now, let's get some new validations over the weekend and make a public statement early next week.

Scoble, who's not a developer, offers a perspective.

Look at all the messages.

James Vornov: "I continue to be rather impressed with Mac OS X."

Interesting story on O'Reilly about Hypercard and OS X. I wonder why they don't offer to pay for the developer it would take to carbonize Hypercard? They say it would take no resources from Apple, but programmers cost money, and it's hard to find good people who can do this kind of work.

I offered some avuncular advice for Young Aaron on Wes's DG.

InformationWeek on XML.

Dan Bricklin has pictures from Esther's.

Three years ago today on Scripting News. (This is leading to the fourth anniversary, Sunday.)


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