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Permanent link to archive for Thursday, April 12, 2001. Thursday, April 12, 2001

Released: Beta versions of Frontier and Radio for Windows and Mac that interop via SOAP 1.1 with lots of other software.

Lots of ideas in the Killer App for XML-RPC thread.

Killer app #1: Add XML-RPC to AbiWord, an open source cross-platform word processor.

Killer app #2: The Group PIM. Right on. That's why we did xmlStorageSystem, to be the backbone for all kinds of groupware apps.

Sam DeVore wants to get Word files to flow through Manila. This is a killer app for sure. First we have to figure out how to parse an HTML file produced by Word to strip out all but the text.

Brent Sleeper: Why UDDI Will Succeed, Quietly.

Edd Dumbill: "Being so large, Microsoft practically has its own industry within itself, and it's run up hard against the problems of non-interoperability of SOAP implementations among the three SOAP stacks that its developed internally. Add to that the varying degrees of completeness of implementation in SOAP stacks external to the company, and there's an obvious problem to solve before SOAP can be proclaimed lingua franca of the web services world."

NY Times: "The whole thing about same-day delivery is that they run ultraefficient operations on paper-thin margins," he said. "Even if you could corner the entire market, you could never get enough to be able to get a return on an investment of $280 million."

Back from the W3C meeting. I shook TBL's hand again, put in a good word for the Web as a writing environment, asked for cooperation betw search engines and content management, and for simplicity in Web Service interfaces. Had a long pleasant talk with Andrew Layman of Microsoft, thanked him for helping Jake, and talked with David Fallside the working group chair for XML Protocol. Noah Mendelsohn of Lotus went to Bronx Science two years before I did. He had a career at IBM, then quit to join Lotus, then IBM bought Lotus. Anne Thomas Manes of Sun said she had the Markoff article pinned up in her cube. I told her that didn't surprise me. Had a good time, great politics, great schmooze, now back to work!

WSJ: Tech industry aims to kill MP3. Bad bad bad!

Evan is back and teasing again, and using my lyrics, which is fine since he gives me credit.

Jason Levine: " hit me fully that this had ceased to be a visit for mom, and turned into an emergent visit for her son -- he needed to get to an emergency room, quickly."

Morning stufff Permanent link to 'Morning stufff' in archives.

Glenn Fleishman picks up the ball (thanks) in the ongoing argument with reporters talking about weblogs who think the world revolves around Blogger and Evan's friends. As I said on Tuesday, weblogs have changed the technology world far beyond what reporters are comfortable writing about.

In an email to Glenn last night I explained how what we're doing will percolate up to offer choice and freedom from lock-in, not just to people who develop server software, who are mostly invisible to the average reporter, but as word processing offered choice to writers in the 1980s, to writers. (Reporters are writers.) This is an oft-told tale on this site, but now the reality is coming closer and perhaps we can tap into their dreams of freedom now that they're interested (theoretically) in what's going on in weblogs. This is where the "irascible gadfly" thing really stings. They're not taking us seriously, and this makes our work harder.

Markoff: "The shift in the market has created an unfamiliar paralysis among Silicon Valley's venture capitalists, many of whom have a dazed look as they watch previous bad investments crumble and try to figure out what the next hot investment will be. As a result, the area's venture-capital-to-entrepreneur ecosystem has abruptly stalled, at least temporarily."

MattyG is back on top of the daily rankings, a position he has consistently enjoyed since we started keeping track, and DaveNet has fallen back to #6 (it's usually in the teens) but check it out, Radio is a strong #2. I guess something is happening. I like it I like it.

Steve Gillmor via Sean Gallagher: "Just because it's true doesn't mean you have to say it." That's a bug.

Anyway, it's going to be a short day. I'm off to San Jose to participate in the W3C Web Services Workshop.


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