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Good morning all you Easter bunnies!

Today's Song: You turn me on, I'm a radio.

Beautiful California wild flowers today on 2020 Hindsight.

Lars Pind: "The MetroCard Vending Machines in New York's subways are a classical case of programmer-directed hierarchical menu hell, forcing the user to make choices without knowing the consequences, and throwing the user off altogether at the smallest problem."

Aldrin Leal: "XML-RPC is cool, but it would be really a killer tech if someone promotes some kind of database interface over it." Yes.

Dan Gillmor reports on a deal betw Blogger and Trellix.

Metafilter thread on the deal.

Wes says "It ain't bragging if it's true."

Tkoutline is an outline editor written in Tcl/Tk

Sally Khudari: "I have joined KnowNow to head up communications and will be moving to Silicon Valley shortly after my treatment is complete." Mazel tov!

Glenn Fleishman: "Jousting with Dave Winer is fun and exhausting. The man has an infinite number of interesting ideas, and can play the range of interest like piano four hands." Thanks!

Craig Burton: "SOAP technology is not necessarily better than XML-RPC technology. The approach Microsoft takes to new layers of technology is to control them through manipulation and deception. I am not saying this is a 'bad' thing that should end. It isn't going to end. I am saying this is a behavior you can count on and use to an advantage." Zig-zag.

The second screen shot in a series, showing how content management is coming together in Radio.

Editorial note Permanent link to 'Editorial note' in archives.

To new people coming here from various articles that have been written about us in the last few weeks, here's a brief explanation of how it works.

My name is Dave Winer. I write here in real-time. I make mistakes and correct them, when I see them, but sometimes they stay. All the back issues are archived, accessible through the calendar in the right column on this page. Every night at 10PM the contents of Scripting News goes out via email to several thousand people who subscribe. And several dozen people receive Scripting News via RSS syndication, and I expect that will grow over time.

Scripting News is where my ideas get a chance to be refined before (when I have the time) I write a more formal essay about them, in DaveNet. Sometimes things are moving so fast that I just write real-time in DaveNet, but that's pretty exceptional.

DaveNet is our oldest editorial product. It started in 1994, and was the beginning of something that's become much bigger than just one guy keeping a log of the ideas he wants to give away for free.

Let a thousand flowers bloom Permanent link to 'Let a thousand flowers bloom' in archives.

At the Web Services Workshop on Thursday in San Jose, at lunch I sat an incredible table. Bob Sutor and David Fallside of IBM. Andrew Layman of Microsoft. Sanjiva, the IBM guy who wrote the SOAP for Java that's now part of Apache.

One of those magic moments. So many smart people. A basic disagreement. How many SOAP stacks will there be? I want (picking a number out of the air) one hundred. Most were not agreeing with me. I looked at Andrew but said to the group, how well is it going now that there's one browser?

Every great creative market has a cacophony of diversity. I've been lucky to be part of several booming markets, the Apple II, IBM PC, Macintosh, and the early Web. The thing they all had in common was a constant stream of surprising products. Customers lining up to buy stuff. Pacts between gorillas never lead to this kind of creativity.

So, not knowing what the killer app of SOAP will be, or even if there will be one, I trust cacophony. I don't trust gorillas.


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