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Good morning British journalists!

Economist: A kinder, gentler gorilla? This was the piece I was interviewed for earlier this week.

Tuesday: "But will Microsoft really be open with SOAP? The journalist I was talking with is a smart guy so I let him in on a subtle but poignant bit I had been saving for just such an occasion."

This is not a gorilla, it's a chimp, who knows how to defend himself.

The Hero Machine is very cool.

Northern California native wildflowers.

OK, speaking of the kinder gentler gorilla, I'm still reading the history book I mentioned yesterday. It gotten more interesting. Problem for Microsoft is, they got caught. They own the browser. The Web is this fantastic medium. Still. The last five years or so are kind of a blur. The book is more a timeline than anything. A way to review what happened. Channels, ActiveX, Active Desktop. It brings it back in focus. Here we are stuck with this gorilla, owning this thing they don't understand, and it's incredibly precious and important. All they want to do is sell Windows. Why couldn't they leave the Web alone, and sell Windows. Or if they had to get involved, why couldn't they make software that's good for the Web. I know I know I can hear them say "Well our software is better than Netscape's right?" Yeah but your software isn't better than the Netscape competitors that never had a chance.

Speaking of Netscape, they're scum too. I want to see what the new My.Netscape looks like (see below) but I can't because I use MSIE 6.0. Have I ever told you about my idea for the Corporate Death Penalty? First, let me be clear that I'm against capital punishment for people, strongly so, but curiously I would have no problem with the death penalty for corporations that behave recklessly with resources that don't belong to them. For example, I would have put Exxon to death for the Valdez disaster to set an example for other would be rapers of the environment. And I would put AOL to death for holding the Web hostage to whatever stupid games they're playing. I told this idea to Scoble, in jest, talking about Microsoft, and he said "Dave then you'd have two Microsofts." I said "Scoble you don't get it, after the death penalty, there would be zero Microsofts, not two."

Craig Burton tutorial: Radio Remote Access. "Once configured, you can manage, post and publish, and edit your Radio web log from a remote location in a browser."

Brent McLaughlin: A closer look at SOAP.

Susan Kitchens: "How exactly do you communicate with someone remotely when you need to tell a person that someone has died?"

Register: "Google overnight yanked the Deja backup tape out from under the Foosball table, where it had been propping up that wobbly leg, and now much of Deja's historic Usenet archive is online again."

John Beatty has an XML-RPC implementation for Jxta. Not sure what this means, but now perhaps we have the way to ask the question. I'm glad people are working on bridging all the new worlds that are being created.

From the If-It-Weren't-So-Sad-It-Would-Be-Funny Department, yesterday when Netscape (apparently) deprecated RSS and broke all the links to their RSS stuff, they also broke people whose XML parsers require a DTD. The old URL for the RSS 0.91 DTD is totally 404 not found. John Munsch has a report from the field. I put a copy of the DTD into a folder here on, and it will stay there, Murphy-willing, for perpetuity.

Macromedia's roadmap for the future of Spectra.

The bowl of cheese is gone on Bump.

Salon: "The DMCA is being constitutionally undermined by the RIAA's own decision to try to gag a high-profile professor."

Bijan Parsia: RDF Applications with Prolog.

Michael Swaine has written an ode to Bill Joy, sung to the tune of Madonna's Vogue. "We have words that start with Js."


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