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DaveNet: Email to Markoff.

On the Apache soap-dev mail list they're talking about doing a new build. So it appears to be lockdown time in SOAP 1.1 interop. With Microsoft and Apache deploying the results of the interop work, it's time for UserLand to do the same and ask developers to start building apps.

Sjoerd Visscher has a really nice XML-RPC-based spell-checker app. "For me it was the perfect application to test my new XML-RPC client for IE5 and Mozilla. The XML-RPC client sends the input text to the spell-check service, which returns the misspelled words and the alternatives. Then an interface is dynamically created from that data."

Linux Journal: "User interface pioneer Douglas Engelbart, who demonstrated a mouse-driven hypertext system called NLS in 1968, said in an interview Wednesday that he will help Prodigy defend itself against a patent infringement lawsuit filed by British Telecom. BT is suing Prodigy for infringement of BT's patent on hyperlinks." Bravo!

Hey I just got news that I'm doing a big session at Seybold SF, a spectacle, on the topic of my choosing. I've always had a fantastic time at Seybold. The best session I ever did was the Can Apple Survive panel in 1997 (the answer turned out to be yes). Glad to be working for Craig, Thad and Liz. We're going to have such a great time! I think it will be on Web Services and Publishing. Yeah, that's it. With a focus on Mac OS X. By then I will not be dropping hints anymore.

Dann Sheridan is exploring the mysteries of BigCo's.

More bad news for Exodus. This site is hosted at Exodus in Santa Clara.

News.Com: Thinner, lighter, cheaper iBooks.

Wes: "This is not the Summer of Love! This is 2001, dammit!"

If you work for Apple and care about public relations, please read this post on NuBlog, and then help him find someone to give him information about localization in Mac OS X. And tell Edelman that weblogs are important way for Mac users to get information about your work.

Adam Langley: "Jxta is a solution, desperately looking for a problem."

BusinessWeek: For Mac Users, the End of Innocence.

When I open a file in Microsoft Word it takes a couple of minutes to fail to open the file. Then I open it again, and it fails, but Word launches and the paper clip reminds me that I can enter a date by pressing some weird key combo. Then I open it a third time and the file opens. But my machine gets really slow. I read the document, close the file, quit Word, but now every other program is very slow at echoing my characters. The only way to cure the problem is to restart the system.

Sometimes anger is beautiful.

I love the title of this story. It makes me giggle. No other reason for linking to it.

WebReference: Hiermenus Go Forth XVI.

Good morning strategic taxpayers! Permanent link to 'Good morning strategic taxpayers!' in archives.

And welcome to the crumbling infrastructure of the free (as in free beer) Internet.

It's like a futuristic Mel Gibson movie.

And you're the star!

And welcome to the month of May! It's beautiful weather almost everywhere on the planet. Get out and enjoy the day. What a great planet we have. And don't forget it's Tuesday, give a programmer a hug and buy him some spicy noodles or whatever the local treat is. Have a kind word for the programmer. They're really nice down-home people. And don't forget to mention SOAP and XML-RPC. They're the programmer's ticket to freedom, the real kind, the stuff that money can't buy.

Today's the last day on Cabinet. A tear comes to my eye. Thank you for doing such a great job of entertaining us. But all good things must pass. Bravo Cabinet. A job well-done.

Frank Zappa: "I dreamed I was an eskimo."

I gotta admit it, I love Zeldman. Can I send all my "critics" to his school?

Elvis Costello: "Everything you say now sounds like it was ghost-written."


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